Dumpster Diving- 30 mins-$500 worth of products

I only stopped at 2 dumpsters today but was able to score a huge soup box that actually paid off! Yay! Normally soup boxes are a disaster, but this one wasn’t as …


  1. Wow! It just upsets me so much to see that they destroy all of those cosmetics. I'm thrilled you are able to salvage quite a bit. Corporate greed. 😡 I love it when you have victory like this. It's a bit of a victory for all of us. You're awesome!!

  2. Wow what state you live in ??? Wish i could come with you ! Here we have in closed dumpsters so i dont find anything like that .. Amd our city has it to where u can't while in business or if no tresspass is up

  3. I have those grabbers and they open and then won’t close then close but won’t open. Do you have this problem? Does the string on it have anything to do with it? Or are they just a waste of my money?

  4. Be careful with food items sometimes they are thrown away because of the lot numbers could be some kind of issue

  5. Awesome score, I found two cases of candy bars, while I was dumpster diving, and 9 bottles of mountain dew soda, a raccoon jumped out of the dumpster, while I was dumpster diving.

  6. Way to go Girl… i haven't been to Ulta for a while, I have so much that I am going to try selling at my garage sale in the Fall, do you have any luck selling makeup at your sales? I am wondering what happened to your wrist? I hope everything is a ok with it… Have a great week & stay well…

  7. Hi 😃 I’m a new subscriber to your channel. I enjoy your videos and like it when you take is along. God bless

  8. Good morning
    Hope your wrist gets better soon
    Great SCORE ,THANKYOU for sharing
    Have an awesome day 🐧🐧

  9. Hey that hair flat iorn i found one too an i fixed an i look on line an it goes for 139.95. That is a great find i am from fort wayne indiana i always fine soup boxes too but i too clean them up

  10. Have you ever found any merchandise credits? I have a small stack and they can only be checked in the store. I think they are tied to accounts bc when you return I think you have to sign up for an ULTA rewards account. I could try calling the store and ask them to check over the phone but my anxiety is just not here for it 😅

  11. Nice haul!!! Ulta wastes more product than any other store I know of. Every week they pour hundred and hundreds of dollars worth of product in the dumpster. Kirkland's is another store that goes above and beyond to destroy what they put in their dumpster. I wish just one time the employees at the Ulta here would destroy their stuff like you found today. Congrats on the find today!! As for the mascara I don't use them unless they are sealed and brand new…

  12. The mascara r good, I have the girls at Ulta, use the little wands, to people, that want to try out it, but I have used them And haven’t gotten a eye issue, But hey, if u don’t want to u could sell them cheap, there r Facebook pages that have people selling there finds, Everyone knows were the makeup is from they are Dumpster Diving groups, check it out, sell some of ur finds, make a couple of bucks for gas!!!lol

  13. Ya, I wouldn’t use the mascara. Just personal preference. It probably has ingredients that kill bacteria, but that’s too close for comfort. Other stuff wouldn’t bother me.

  14. Does that grabber work good for you?? I have a different grabber! That's a big box from ulta, my are always souped good!

  15. Awesome haul! So great when we can save stuff. I’ve never used a mascara either. I think that’s one thing I’m just going to pass on. ❤️

  16. Awesome finds April 👍 I'd make mystery boxes sell them for a set price for that makeup😀Have a great day

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