Dry Weight Harvest Results – Biggest Yield ever from 500w LED! #PoundGameGrowSeries

After 2 full weeks of drying & Curing we are ready to look at the Dry weight Harvest results from 8 Autoflowers grown in a 5×5 area from seed to Harvest under …


  1. those bags look huge for the weight.. lil over 3oz looks like a pound?

    Ah i see the foxtail airy buds at the end.. yeah u got ur tent/room too hot bro get a temp gage or ur plants getting light stress from too much light or too close to plants.. Smoke on!

  2. this dude is not just using too much light, but he's wasting most of it. this fool can grow plants but he sucks at growing correctly.

  3. Dam dude . Good work bro I'm about to harvest my first grow and I think I have way to many lights for 10 plants . I got 5 lights 1500 watts each . Check out some of my videos . I know it's not perfect setup

  4. If you ever consider to train your skills to a mini-me hook me up. I'm ready to be adopted.
    High(ly) respect your work!
    Big kudos from Germany.
    I'll switch to LEDs now and hope I'll get close to your results..
    You ever heard of "Sanlight Q6W"? 215 W LEDs with a passive cooling system (less noise, less risk, the LED can't break if one of the active cooling systems die)
    Maybe this is something for you aswell.
    Though, I don't know about the shipping costs since they're made in Austria.

  5. I dont understand why anyone would give this a thumbs down. Yall jealous for sure! You are def doing it right man! Your my idol lol

  6. Im' a New Grower, got a 3x3x6ft. tent & 600w LED Light. I want to grow AUTOS, my 2 plants are on day 12 and look good under CFL's. When do I want to start using the 600W LED?

  7. Does your optic light can grow dry dense buds i mean as dense as a hps ? Cause your bags seems big for the amount of oz you have in your bags

  8. These new Growers kill me i been Growing for 34 year's I'm 50 now and I never seen Greengenes yeild that much from his led custom lights which he uses the best led on the planet all these claims from rebranded Chinese led manufactured panels are Bullshit I'll post my videos soon and show y'all what a 3000k mh 1000 watt will do they also claim led run cooler Bullshit 600watts from the wall gonna produce 600watts of BTU heat no matter the light source used for illumination the most we get from a 1000 watt hps with a smashing 140 to 155,000 lumens are between 2 to 2 1/2 pounds with us Advanced Master Growers like me Greengenes and Subcool- SOG or Vertical Hydroponic systems will yeild the most the days of long veg time are over been there done that grew 21 feet sativa's in 1985 we mixed Indica and chocolate Thai and named it ET after the science fiction movie back in the 1980,s in Watts California 🤐 my motto is if you can't build your own Hydroponic systems then you probably shouldn't be Growing anyway I'll post my videos soon because I'm tired of all the fakes and novice growers I'll show yall my signature Orginal XXX-OG Banana is all about grown by this Narragansett American Indian from Watts California my Career is a Operating Room Technician Specializing in Endoscopic Surgical Procedures in Gastroenterology so I grow for my many cancer patients and Children with Neurological Disorders and Autism😇 and the sleeping dog in my pic here is my nephew Alpha Blueblood Bulldog from the Original breeder's in Georgia deep in the south the family that bought the bloodline back so it is what it is 🤓

  9. Very nice medicine, how long do you veg your plants for. If I could grow and help half the people do I will be a happy man. That's the whole reason I started growing was to help people who can't afford shop prices. Love the work man to sweet.

  10. People are stuck in the mode of hating stems from the brown weed era were you buy an oz and half of it was stems n seeds 😂😂😂

  11. Phenomenal Work! you have made me an Optic fan and have an Optic 2 on the way! If i may ask… What drying and curing process do you do? better yet… a video would be nice 🙂

  12. Hey Man. I'm having issues with my 2×4 tent. I'm running 2×400 watt led lights with a 4in inline on charcoal, a 7in fan for circulation, and I'm using the fox farm dirty dozen lineup in Ocean forest soil. They were switched over to flower on aug 17th and over a month later, you can barely tell that the plant is flowing. Can you tell me what's possibly going on. Temp is 73L and 88H. PLEASE HELP!

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