Driving around Nairobi's Central Business District(CBD) Pt.1

Nairobi #CBD #Sonko #KICC #Kenya #Africa The traffic was low because it was on 30th Dec on a Sunday. Usually Nairobi is empty during Christmas Time.


  1. beautiful city. county government please
    work on cracks, portholes, pavements and paints in and along the roads

  2. Beautiful city but there's a dark secret behind this. Almost all of the buildings are built and owned by whites or foreigners. True story. Look who's the richest Kenyan.

  3. I love Kenya,I'm from Italy and USA but my soul is from Kenya!!
    Asante sana for this video! I love it.

  4. Nice video awful city-dirty,no pedestrian walkways,road markings are never re-done and traffic lights are decorations.

  5. Lol …..not impressed if this is nairobi then why pple are giving us fake news …..looks like mbeya city in tz ………not impressed at all …..now I agree that dar es salaam …is far ahead of nairobi

  6. Really awesome work. I’ve never seeing such a shot of the CBD. Especially on Sunday 2018.

    Most videos of the Nairobi CBD in the internet are based off of 2010

    Keep up the great work Afrikan

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