1. That’s why white ppl are bad for the world . Robbing us of our minerals 😂 void of color means no value 😫😂

  2. For everyone saying he said cauliflower has no carbon HE SAID Chlorophyll not carbon wtf yu think he said “thats why it’s white” as in it’s not GREEN ! Not real

  3. Can someone explain to me how he gets to the conclusion that only walnuts are good, and no other nuts? What about Hazelnuts? Cashews? Brazilian nuts? I don‘t get it. Is this man talking Bullshit? Where is the evidence and proof? Or is everyone just following him blind.

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  5. Bro apricot seeds are loaded w b17 many natural seeds have cyanide this dude learned from a herbalist in Mexico got healed and started his own thing but it’s 50/50 for real

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  7. We can take his advice but then if we go and stuff our bodies with fast food, candy, soda and pre-packaged meals then we probably would have been better off just eating broccoli 🥦 . Just consume water, eat basic foods like eggs, chicken, spinach, fruits. Also exercise and meditate daily. And eat organic. And don't be in the club every week. Work, sleep 5-8 hours per night(listen to your body), eat responsibly, don't drink often and definitely don't smoke cigarettes. If you smoke weed, just do it in moderation, once a month..but better not at all. It's common sense stuff. This doc (RIP) didn't live to 120 years old and most "experts" don't. Just live a balanced, responsible life and you will be fine. Your Welcome! 🙏

  8. You people are fucking idiots. I work with stupid morons like this at work. broccoli is not bad for you. Fuck. come on black people

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  11. The start of the video says "Dr Sebi Says to avoid nuts apart from Broccoli" firstly, this may be news to you, but Broccoli isnt a nut, secondly, the whole video goes to say you should avoid broccoli!

    Can you at least try and get something right

  12. Real herbalist! So glad to see so many of people wake up, even tho it’s after nipsey, Dr. Sebi, Bob marley, and alot of other wise people who have been talkin’ about this for years and years, has died. Bless and love, let’s keep it up and try to spread the words of the TRUTH!

  13. These people are worse than the Jacksons! Still trying to profit off what he wanted to share free; they rubbin his head like a genie 😀 some of what he says is dead on; but most is just that weed!!!
    You don't give valuable life extending information in an altered state of mind; not cool!

  14. He old as hell and his wisdom got him pulling girls to the day he died. This nigga is the epitome of black excellence

  15. Nipsey was naive to think he could finish the docu after he announced it. Check former FBI boss Ted Gunderson his speech.

    There is a global satanic freemasonic group “conspiracy” (read: fact). The world and ESPECIALLY the USA is 100% satanic! Check out bohemian grove, breeding moms, skull and bones, …

    9/11 was a blood sacrifice for Appolyon!

    They introduced chemtrails, HAARP, weather manipulation, you name it.

  16. Thank god for this teacher of health. Knows what he’s talking about We gotta eat healthy. ? Rest in paradise Nipsey

  17. Complete fraud and his eventual death from pneumonia was probably not helped by his years of pot smoking, not that I am against that, ahem, but clearly, inhaling smoke from a weed his quite harmful to the body.

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