Dr. Phil on Why We Should All Be More Empathetic – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

Dr. Phil dishes with Nikki, Andrew Collin and Liz Miele about the benefits of empathy and how to better connect with people: 0:01 Andrew recounts the story of …


  1. Dr. Phil dishes with Nikki, Andrew Collin and Liz Miele about the benefits of empathy and how to better connect with people (0:01) and Andrew recounts the story of the time his college roommate found his penis pump (22:57).

  2. Seriously, the conversation at the end today was amazing! Penis pump convo and nikkis face of pure sadness was hilarious.

  3. Its really rich to watch billionaires and near billionaires grifters like Oprah and Dr. Phil talk about empathy when so many people are destitute and oppressed. Just remember, you pay for all their remibursement and trash television in three ways. 1) Advertizers effectively pass on the bill for their paychecks to YOU the consumer in higher prices of monopolized essential products and services, 2) Their winner-take-all media consolidation rackets that reimburse them distract from real issues and tow the line for the same billionaire cabal that whitewash corporate malfeasance, push war killing millions of innnocents, and misinform and ultimately impoverish workers against their own self interest politically…finally and if 1) and 2) weren't enough, 3) to add insult to injury, stooges like Dr. Phil and Oprah push this 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' nonsense. Dr. Phil and Oprah produce nothing better than a spectacle of maudlin trifles and white trash porn to distract a dumbed-down working class, while the billionaires continue to loot the country and laugh all the way to the bank. To have the nerve for them to talk or attempt to co-opt a word like empathy is nauseating. There is no scientific evidence empathy and sympathy are any different. Rich people perhaps in a desparate need to feel better about themselves, need to try to think they have some admirable quality being able to relate to people they are screwing. Its a laughable Catch-22. Takers are not givers, just as up is not down.

  4. Dr. Phil is bad for his guests and America.

    His most successful guest segments happen when clinically unwell people, particularly underage girls, have their issues exploited for profit and in public so that the rest of us can laugh at them and say that we're better than them. The fact that some of those girls (Bhad Babie and Nicollette Gray chief among them) go on to have extremely successful careers based on their poor behavior is going to create life long damage to their relationships with their parents, their body image and self image. It also has the effect of actively encouraging that same behavior in a pop culture it helps to foster that prefers skin deep beauty standards over the content of character, literally resulting in eating disorders, depression and worse.

    Even if you don't care about the girls whose lives he's ruining, even if it doesn't bother you that their parents are so terrible they should quite literally be put in foster homes (it's never okay to be pushing your children to tears on national television with an understanding that they will look like little shits), you should at the very least care about the broader societal implications that his dangerously destructive content has.

  5. "Dr. Phil looks like a dirty cop who would shoot someone and plant a gun on them, even if they were white." – Bill Burr

  6. Dr. Phil played against autistic kids from the salvation army. You got laid out cause retard strength isn't a joke. He's a borderline superhero.Dark Downsy.

  7. satellite radio is only good for a providing trash tmz style commentary. even the guy who bumps them on the elevator becomes commentary, not because he didnt apologize but because they needed the world to know how he doesn't wipe while taking a sh*t. you get payed to work the long grueling hours, they get payed to gossip like school girls.

  8. I have just learned I lack empathy :/ I am the one that would ask "what kind of dog was it?". Can you gain empathy or am I stuck like this forever?

  9. honestly wish phil would of did impulsive’s or something else i can’t stand to watch this pod tbh sorry not sorry

  10. Fuck, Nikki is so goddamn sexy. THe charisma is through the roof. The eyes scream "I'm fucking hot and you want me." I hate being like this but she turns me into a grunting alpha male man ape who has absolutely nothing else on their mind.
    I can be a comedy lover and a feminist all I want but just hearing her name makes my blood pressure go 180 and up. Don't get me wrong, she is fucking brilliant and her timing is impeccable and I do acknowledge and appreciate her skills. But that doesn't help. I still droll like a fucking moron.

  11. Somewhere Dan & Jay are punching their steering wheels, pissed they didn't get Dr. Phil on the show to talk about Bhad Bhaby and get his opinion on Dan's impression of him πŸ˜‚

  12. I REALLY hope CC send Dr.Phil to the Bonfire after this, Nikki can't get all the ads AND the Dr himself.

    Crackle Crackle.

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