1. Well this guy seems to mostly be asking questions I thought he was there to tell us what he knew not what he doesn't know. Should be honest with you this video seems more like propaganda as to why we cannot use cannabis now because we don't know everything. Well we know you got 3% chance that chemo and radiation will help only 3% the other 97% you're going to end up worse and probably die. We know that if you use cannabis or Rick Simpson Oil you have Approximately 80% chance or better of not only improving but defeating the cancer. Should we go with what we know doesn't work or what we're not sure what word even though it's 80% success rate for Rick Simpson Oil

  2. Wonderful research to confirm what many of us have experienced in usage over the years

  3. This guy's difficult to listen to but I'm sure he has great info, would've been great to actually see the PowerPoint he's referring to.

  4. When it is legalized in the US no products currently sold in any dispensary will be FDA approved medicine and only extracts produced by pharmaceutical companies will be approved as medicine such as Epidiolex. Also and especially the raw plant will not be approved as medicine because of the large variance in composition. The best current products will be allowed to be sold as are food or health supplements not as Medicine..

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