Does Cannabis Kill Brain Cells? – Weedwise

We asked Dr. Mooney, Director of the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, if there is any truth behind the question, “Does cannabis kill brain cells?” Join us as we …


  1. These studies have been going on for years at UCLA. I had a friend who was part of that study from 1985 to 1995 when I had moved from L.A. He was in his late teens when he started. If you couldn't find anything then, this makes me think this study is all about getting government grants so these researchers Dont have to get real jobs.

  2. Inhaling any type of smoke isn't necessarily good for your body. The smoke is bad, not the cannabis. Moral, eat edibles

  3. I'm sick of hearing that marijuana cures cancer. If it did my mom would be alive today. It is definitely beneficial to cancer patients but it doesn't cure or prevent cancer.

  4. So I guess your advocates of pot smoking and against tobacco and alcohol? Go you lets see the uploades about them!

  5. It totally slows me down. But I guess I have friends who smokes it too often whom it doesn't affect them like that anymore. So yeah I guess you'll just adapt to it. <— this comment is more useful than this video.

  6. For anyone wondering, the woman is big time downplaying the risks of marijuana. She doesn't even mention the fact that weed doubles your chance of developing psychosis.

  7. It was a fair video, as a pot smoker who argues for the legalization, I can't find anything wrong with this video. Usually I find tons, but they were honest, that's a good thing.

  8. let me just solve this mystery for you. coughing kills brain cells. smoking weed causes coughing. therefore cannabis is a contributor to brain cell death because it makes you cough

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