Does Cannabis Go Bad? | Cannabis for Beginners

Preserving your bud can be tricky โ€” on the one hand, you don’t want it to dry out and lose its potency, and on the other, if there’s too much moisture in the …


  1. I saw Jorge Savantes use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (that's 97% H2O and 3% H2O2) on mouldy bud. He then rinsed it (really well) first with lemon water and then pure water. Air dried it out for a few weeks and then cured. Good to go.

  2. Never set your nugs in direct sunlight, on a windowsill, on top of a parabolic mirror made of foil. never

  3. Lmao I found a big stem on my carpet and bud beside my tv from idk months ago, and put it in a water bottle bong and well damn I need some orange chicken frfr

  4. I'm a proud Cannador owner (the humidor style shown in the video). I love that channels like Civilized and companies like Cannador and a Marley Natural are elevating (!) the conversation around cannabis and showing it's not just for college kids!

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