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  1. The only use i see for this crap is as a tester for vape shops so people can try juices… other than that, its just stupid..

  2. Hey sam quick questions do you know if there is restrictions on how much vape liquid you can take over seas. Im going sydney>doha>rome

    Theres the rule for toiletries but not sure for liquid

  3. Maybe i'm in the minority here, but i think these things would be great to have in gas stations. If i'm out and about and my cotton burns, or my coil dies, i'd much rather spend 5 bucks on one of those tanks than 10 bucks on a pack of cigarettes. This would also give smokers a really low price point sitting next to their cigarettes. A disposable tank to last a week or at least a few days that cost half the price of the pack of smokes they are gonna burn up in 1 day. I don't think any regular user is going to be on these. Certainly not for long. Cigarette butts also make up for way more waste than any vape product out there. Most of us here are hobby vapors, and obviously we don't need a product like this, but it's not directed at us. For some people it only takes burning a coil on the road and buying one pack of smokes to be right back on the old habit. Having this around as a failsafe is not a negative, It's a massive positive. Let's not get all echo chambered here. Anything that helps people keep on vaping is a good product.

  4. Why the fuck arnt these cunts making new RDA's. Oh that's right money hungry cunts that make shit pod systems so we have to buy pod cartridges.

  5. Good video man. I probably will get this for when i go out to the sand dunes. Put a few in a backpack and go dirt biking. Put them on a jackaroo and im good. Theres no way im bringing my RDAs or RTAs out to the dunes (don't use subohm tanks that much) but a disposable tank? Hell yeah. Throw that away after the trip and put on my normal RTAs

  6. Absolutely no need to have a disposable option anymore, this is ridiculous. I'm disappointed in aspire as a fanboy, disposable pods are bad enough but now we have a whole tank. Shame. I suppose if the buyer has the IQ of a cheerio then they may be of use but beyond that, no.
    Great video all the same!

  7. Another excellent video my god Sir. Thank you for what you do. I have to say that the disposable model appeals to me for emergencies. Throw a few of these in the glove box and you know you are good to go when the shot his the fan.

  8. Why u reviewing these disposable crap which u will never use. Just cause they fucking pay you.. Why don't you shove that disposable up your aussie ass

  9. When is Vapoureyes gonna have the "Blotto"
    Looks like overseas have it already, that's bullshit..
    I want my Blotto..
    Can't wait buddy

  10. I tried one blackcurrant juice once and really liked it, it was kinda like vaping on Ribena…reckon I'll have to grab some Six n' Out soon. Your juice names must confuse the living hell out of people from overseas haha.

  11. To me, these can fill a couple of specific needs really well. 1) If you have a manual labor job that can likely lead to tank destruction, this gives you something to use specifically at work without worrying about wrecking a $30+ tank. 2) If someone wants to dip their toes into direct-lung/ sub-ohm vaping and isn't sure if they will like it, this keeps them from dropping potentially 10x the money on a non-disposable that they may not like. Do I think they're good for regular or long term use? Absolutely not, but let's not trash the whole idea at once.

  12. Hey Sam! Quick tip for your vids. Get the AV line out leads for your cam and plug them into a small TV next to your cam so you will have a bigger live display to see if your focus is shit or not. I have seen tripod mounts for them being used and the work really well as long as your tripod is up to the task. Also if you have a remote for your cam you can have instant play back. I have been told that you could also use a tablet but I have no fucken idea how you would set that up or if it is even possible.Either way keep up the great work.P.S. The "soft" focus does make your head look better…….Cheers cunt!!

  13. Just reviewed the FreemaX Gemm Tank. Amazing flavour from a disposable tank. Btw, it’s not going to make a difference to the environment tbh

  14. I'm a lazy twat meself. But I still rather build a coil so like I hold off like an extra couple days cause I'm so lazy. I refuse to use disposable coils.

  15. I like the idea
    If you could change the coil then it would be neet as hell
    A super cheap subohm tank, one that could break but it would be cool
    I like acrylic and the way it looks, the way it feels on my lips. It all around awsome, my wasp nano was the bomb

    I could even think of a way it could be done, just slipping the coil up throu the bottom and the threads could be part of the coil, it would be easy to use and you could pop off the tank with the coil still on the mod allowing you to get the coil out easyer

  16. I feel like Nz is the only good place other then uk that's good for vaping , We've started to get positive reinforcement vape ads past few weeks aswell , sucks that other country's aren't as positive about it

  17. What waste of materials, with the world the way it is we should have companies trying to design tanks or drip tips using recycled plastics not creating more waste

  18. Great review of 1v1… I’m not a fan of throw always myself … its to damn easy to just change a coil… but anyways great video Sam🤘🤘🤘🤘 the vaping Bogan strikes again 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊

  19. Fuck these things. We need more trash like we need more people on this fucking planet. Asshats that made these things can suck it

  20. While I entirely agree about the negative environment aspects, I do see a couple of valuable uses.
    Firstly as an emergency spare to keep in the car or whatever, just in case you break a glass tank while out and about.
    Secondly as an inexpensive last resort for converting smokers (for which use it would be possibly more effective than a proprietary pod, if they are one of the small minority that go straight to direct lung inhalation)
    On environmental issues, I think all mods should be servicable to some extent – internal LiPos have a finite life, and there is no excuse for not using one of the standard sizes, along with a connector as used on (for example) drones. Leave it in the mod during normal use, but at least it's not landfill when the battery reaches end of life – even if you have to take it to a dealer to get the battery changed.
    One reason I chose to move into rebuilding was to avoid mixed waste, which can't be recycled – even pre-built coilheads are guilty of this, but to a lesser extent than pods (whether they have a 510 thread on the base or not, pods is what these are – just more universal in fitment than all the proprietary ones).
    If there was one with a stainless steel element, which would be useable by both wattage and temp control users (so as universal as a 510 connector), they'd cover the field better, and I might even buy one or two as emergency backups.
    But I only use TC, so nothing doing – that is the show stopper for me.

  21. What would cause a sub ohm coil to burn 10seconds into the inhale. I had this happen to two tanks a uforce and smok cloud beast. It just burns constantly. Idk if it's the mod or what?

  22. From what I've read they are recyclable. I think they'd be great for people with arthritis in the hands etc, where they can't get a grip on a coil to remove it. Or as a chuck away option when travelling. I can't see it being overly popular with the majority of vapers tho.

  23. I think they are great for going out to the pub, camping and festivals. So you don’t have to take your decent tanks. No worries if you loose it or some cunt steals your stuff!

  24. What a good review good little disposable tanks and your so true about the invoment and to dispose of them

  25. I hate the idea of Disposable Tanks what a waste and as everyone is trying to reduce the use of plastic around the world I think it is irresponsible of companies to produce this kind of SHIT

  26. Ever since my first go at rebuildables, I haven't touched sub tanks. Not a bad idea, I suppose, but the wastage is fucked.

  27. The only time I think buying a disposable tank would be necessary as if maybe you're going out a state or out of the country and you don't want to bring your big expensive tank with you I mean if these tanks are recyclable I wouldn't see an issue at all

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