1. I have a Cali trip planned and smoking with you is now on the list🤣 your vibes are so dammm chill🤟 love from CHICAGO!!!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve seen the new tv series euphoria but I feel like you would like it or at least find it interesting, at some points in the show I was just thinking like frances would probably like this show so if you watch it or you have let me know what you think. I personally was hooked from the first episode and it was really just a vibe

  3. Peace ✌️ up fam am ready for more incoming order I got best quality available Snapchat : kevinkushy or wickr : weedymanz no bulshit

  4. Can you do one of those edits where you take the sound clip from 3:43 and play it over those chickens 1,000s of times over if yk what I'm saying

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