Diesel 24 hours seizure free ❤

My boy has been 24 hours seizure free on his new, increased, and CBD meds. You can tell he is still a little wobbly as he has been sleeping for the past 4 days …


  1. Oh wow.. just commented on the last two videos. This so great to hear his new meds are working out for him.

  2. I’m so happy to see him finally recovering! All of your hard work and tough times, with all of his medicines, he finally will be good and free off of it. We still have hope that the seizures will continue to ware off, and he will be fully recovered. As always, sending love towards your family.

  3. SO happy for him, And his parents. This disorder can be so stressful, and resistant to treatment. Prayers going out for him. 🙂

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