1. I am 79, my friends have always thought me a minimalist but I am in this process since my big move five years ago.

  2. I think people usually just assume that they'll die without first having to rely on other people for basic care and housing. I've had several relatives who got extremely sick and had to be in long-term medical care, and then had to have family go through all their stuff to move it, minimize it and store it. I don't want people going through my stuff and then wiping my butt afterward, especially if they've just read my old journals. It's so private and so much work to put on them. I can't imagine leaving my family to grieve while they also pay rent on my apartment so they have time to take care of my crap. I wish more people would understand this.

  3. I also was blessed that when my Mom died she had everything in order. Large pieces of furniture were labeled on the back as to who they were to be given too, she left a list in her jewery box as to who was to get what. By doing this she made each one of us feel so important that she had choose something special just for us. Her small household items were donated to charity that helps people when they loose their home to fire.

  4. So sorry for your loss.  It is very hard when our mothers pass on.  My mother left two very full houses when she died.  One house she hadn't gone into in years and each room was packed with stuff.  I couldn't even get the front door open.  Clearing out that house first and then the one she lived in was quite the experience.  I had to hire a cleanup crew.  When I returned to my own home, I went on a decluttering and cleaning out whirlwind.

  5. My condolences on your loss. Your Mother's considerate planning reminds me of an aunt and uncle of mine. They sold their house, car, and the majority of their belongings before they moved into assisted living. They had each adult child pick out one piece of antique furniture and the rest was sold. To me Swedish death cleaning is very considerate to those left behind. Grieving is enough to handle without dealing with a loved one's belongings.

  6. Your mom was a very smart and practical woman. She thought about her family. I’m sorry for your loss💐
    This is exactly what I want to do. I’m in process of purging unwanted stuff, little by little. It brings a great feeling of levity every time I get something out. Sold some stuff on decluttr (can’t review them yet bc still in process, but if it works out well, will send them more stuff), and have given away a lot of books. Thank you for mentioning the book, I’m going to try to get it out of my library!

  7. Oh Melody, I have so much clutter and STUFF. It is so overwhelming to me. I almost did not to listen to your video; so hard to face the truth. 🙁

  8. Almost 7 months here in Florida, still finding stuff I cant believe I moved with. My mom also started cleaning out her stuff. Her advice now to newly married couples is "do not collect anything ". she must have over 1000 mugs. her attic (which is actually the size of a 4 room apartment) was full of decorations for each holiday. She said she finally said enough was enough and started getting rid of it. I always wondered "what if" and I had to deal with a two family apartment building with stuff also in the attic, basement, and garages.

  9. This is a very important topic, and one to which I've given much thought. I don't know why many people are afraid to face this. My mother is over 80, and she started doing this a few years ago. She lives in a small house in Northern Ohio, and although her surroundings are attractive and comfortable, she has minimal possessions. She has a decent book collection, on several long shelves…also a shelf of seashells with a few family photos, and a few wildlife paintings on the walls that were painted by her late husband. All of her clothes fit into one small closet. Another closet has bed/bath linens. Her small kitchen has the basic equipment, dishes, etc. A few nice pieces of furniture, and patio furniture out in the sun room. That's it…no clutter, knick-knacks, no piles of anything for anyone to have to go through. My mother is very practical, and frugal by nature. She is the type who never wants to "put anybody out"…so she's even made all of her after death arrangements as well. This might surprise you, as it did us…when we first heard about it. She is donating her body to science! Upon the time of her demise, the chosen medical university will be notified, and they will come–and take care of things from there. Her body will be one of the many that medical students train and learn from…and that is a noble thing. The arrangements/contract have been made for some time. Although it surprised us…this is her choice, and we respect that. I don't find talking about death morbid at all-because it's reality. I am practical like my mom, and prefer to face facts head-on. I am inspired to minimize my belongings as well, and have been working toward that. Even though I more than likely have many years left, my children already know that I want to be cremated. I also plan to get a will and Living Will done soon, just to get that out of the way, and have it done. My motto is to get loose ends tied up, and make it easy for my family…just as your mom did. When it's eventually my time to go—I can go with a light heart. I won't be looking back, I will be looking ahead–to the next great adventure. Until then–I want to make the most of my time here, and use it productively. Your videos are a great reminder to us to do just that! Thank you dear friend! ♥

  10. Thank you for making this video. You are the forum for raising awareness to such a delicate topic. Your Mom’s final wishes speak volumes about what kind of person she was. She had the strength to plan and execute exactly what she wanted. I am truly sorry for your loss. After losing both my parents and in-laws, there was such an estrangement in my family that still exists today. Part of it had to do with stuff. I only wish people would face reality in order to consider that the family needs to focus on grieving instead of house cleaning and distribution of possessions. Your channel is one of the best I have seen in awhile. Honest and straightforward. Looking forward to more videos!

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