David Triplett Cures His Skin Cancer With Cannabis Oil

This is a documentary of how David Triplette and others cured their cancers using an alternative and controversial treatment: cannabis oil. It’s a proven fact that …


  1. Update? I had a growing scab on my head. I combined leftover vaped material from my PAX with olive oil, and left for weeks. I then applied the oil to the scab and it went away.

    Now, I have another spot that looks more like a mole. It stopped growing after applying my oil.

    I also suck on a very tiny dried flower nugget, then I place it on the spot and hold it in place with a bandaid. I think my body heat is activating some of the THC and CBD. So, with my vape oil and the nugget, I am getting the full spectrum of THCs and CBDs.

    The mole is not growing, and sometimes seems to be shrinking.

  2. Online, I found a recipe for a tincture made of eggplant and apple cider vinegar and it, too, brought my cancer to the surface on my nose. It scared me but I wondered if it was actually curing me. I went for a biopsy (I used the tincture for 2 weeks while waiting for my biopsy appointment) and it showed BCC. After seeing this video my suspicion is confirmed that it was actually killing the cancer. Meanwhile, they want to take an M&M sized chunk out of the tip of my nose and I have decided to try to use CBD oil on both the inside and outside of my nose in an effort to be sure that the cancer isn't just cured on the surface while it is growing deeper down. So now I don't know if I should go back to the eggplant/apple cider vinegar or pursue the cannabis oil. Do you have a suggestion about this or a comment?

  3. Excellent video!!! I was thinking about calling my dermatologist tomorrow but not now. What dosage were you taking per day and how long did it take to go away?

  4. I was diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma on my chest a few weeks ago. I've been using cannabis oil for 5 days applying it directly to the sore and covering it with a plaster. I will update you with progress over the next couple of weeks. I done the same research on cannabis oil immediately after my diagnosis, I'm very lucky to have a good friend who makes the stuff and gave it to me free of charge.. I really hope this works 🙏🏽

  5. what kind of cannabis strain did you use? Im using critical mass for my girlfriend. Thank you! <3

  6. My brother was diagnosed with melenoma skin cancer a little over a month ago and has already had the surgery to remove it and now they are wanting to give him the immunity shots please tell me it’s not to late? Could he start using the oil now and it work? I was against him having the surgery but couldn’t convince him or the rest of the family that their was better ways but he’s actually ask me to do some research on the oil so hes willing to try if it’s not to late. Please help thanks !

  7. Hello! Please i need an advice! I don't suffer from cancer but a doctor gave me a medicine that made my face super sensitive to the sun and i was burned extremely bad after 2 YEARS my skin is read and damaged and i cannot go to the sun at all i am burning SO MUCH!!!!!! Please do you think cannabis oil can help me i really need help i cannot live a normal life 2 years now! Can cannabis grow back my skin? And heal me?

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