Dank Vapes- White Widow

Hello Guys It’s Jimmy Jam The DaB Man here today with another video Review.Todays Review is on (White Widow) by Dank Vapes. (Shout Out to my boy Phillip …


  1. I have the gold part but I don’t have that bottom black piece.. I assume that’s why mines isn’t working.. what is it called because I need one

  2. Where did you purchase yours I am dealing with a lot of pain due to my disability Cerebral palsy and I think something like this would help my pain tremendously

  3. I need to mail me that rove plz. Been watching your videos several months now first time commenting but my pen just broke and I just got two dank carts

  4. Bro I just picked up a white widow and my oil is darker than yours but my cart has the ccell, k stamp and ca serial number…are some batches darker or lighter from each other?

  5. Where u order them from ? N they surprised be like yellow not Brown? I got one deal vape lemon berry it's Brown! 90.99 % ! But tearing up my throat. Think it take or it's and oil! But I love ur bro do!

  6. So whats up with all this talk about pesticides? I smoke flowers often and I consider switching to vaping thc for financial and health reasons. I just don't want to end up inhaling unknown things.

  7. You don't want to to pull in without vaping it! U don't know about vaping do u. Your pulling the juice into the well flooding it by inhaling the tank without it heating up!

  8. If my dank vapes cart has like a dark brown yellow color instead of light yellow does that mean it’s fake ??

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