1. And obviously, the point of him making thos video is to try to advertise his product and making it seem hella good 🚫🧢💯😂 this nigga said at the end of the video if you wanna get em for 30 lmk 😂😂 so I understand why you seemed dumb and clueless your just trying to make those carts seem better than they are and make people feel like your plugging

  2. I can get ATON of those garbage brand carts for 10$ each, because at the end of the day they're not real brands, but of course it just depends what people are putting in them but there is a NOTICABLE difference in the quality but I'm also from California

  3. Nigga I’m sorry but ur dumb asf to think these are real, supreme dosnt even make carts, and the way you can see if they are fake is if they have a flavor and if they have the percent of the on the package, if there is a note that has all the details, it’s real, but also if you turn the cart upside down and the bubble moves fast or it’s moves quick and seems liquidity, like you just look stupid with the supreme cart that shit is fake af and supreme dosnt even make carts like ur dumb

  4. Anyone who buys these carts is gambling with their lungs. Even with a good plug, you’re probably getting pesticides and synthetic cannabinoids that will eventually land you in the ER or at the very least, leave you with an inhaler due to serious inflammation. Gotta love these cart experts who claim no such thing as “fake carts” haha. If you are getting your sh*t from an illegal state, you are getting fake weed. Simple as that. Even herb is iffy because you have zero idea as to what pesticides could potentially be on the flower. But carts, oof, forget about it. You’ll be getting much more than just hot dog water and pesticides. And FYI, doesn’t matter what you pay. It’s still fake weed and even the best plug is ripping you off and probably lying to your face about what you’re getting. Synthetic Cannabinoids can have serious long-term health effects so stay away. You only get one pair of lungs, damage those and forget about ever toking again!

  5. I Had A Strawberry Shortcake Cart From Dank Vapes & It Completely Fucked My Stomach Up. The High Would Only Last 20 Minutes & Then My Stomach Would Start Hurting. I Got That Cart At Least 9 Months Ago & I Still Have Stomach Pains From It.

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