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  2. I have had to stop taking this product. I have Barret's esophagus which is an acid reflux related condition. This caused me to have a sore throat for several months last year before it eventually healed.

    Having done some research it appears that some medications can irritate the esophagus and cause acid reflux. My throat was horrendously sore last night and not only that, I also have soreness in the roof of my mouth. It was so sore that I couldn't sleep.

    It can only be the mk-677 that is causing this as it's the only new medication I have started taking. Furthermore, I noticed that I started getting a sore throat an hour after taking the first mk-677 tablet.

  3. Hi Iโ€™ve been on real humatrope hgh specifically isis labs and have used all their gear and I can vouche for them. No I am not a representative. So Iโ€™ve been on it for about a month and let me tell you this….. I am burning fart like a mother fucker itโ€™s insane, I did not expect it to work so fast, my guess is I was truly low on hgh because my recovery time was terrible now I can just go go go, it is truly an amazing drug. I have been using 2iu a day and no higher and this is what I recommend. A safe dose and plus this shit is pricey. So lesson is use vrs abuse!!! Use responsibly please. There you go hope this helps anyone.

  4. Let the guy finish the sentence before you begin your conversation please. Nobody likes being interrupted.

  5. been taking ibutamoren for 2 weeks now, 25mg ED and i've noticed faster recovery + my old scars ( really deep ones from cuts or burns ) start stinging and slightly burning from 'inside' like they are re-healing again, dunno if this is good or not, but recovery time itself is a plus. taking it before night sleep, if i take it in the morning then my body will go into full animal eating mode thru the day cause of insatiable hunger

  6. I have a shitty appetite which sabotages my workouts. The first day it worked. I took it 25mg and forgot about it. 2 hours later I was STARVING. I ate and was hungry again within 3 hours. This stuff is a miracle for my appetite.

  7. Been on Mk-677, 12.5 mg day for 2 and a half months.
    Gained 7 lbs in the first two weeks. Lost bodyfat and still losing body fat while weight stays the same.
    Tendon pain is reduced.
    Sleep much deeper and better.

    Dosage is everything.

  8. The acromegaly thing is true..i almost posted under every mk677 video..i got acromegaly ..the jaw grew , my hipbones grew extreme and my ripcage to…quite extreme kind of shit really really hell

  9. Obviously did not read studies, nor do they know the mechanism by which Mk 677 works. Totally incorrect with regards to insulin and fat burning properties. There are limited studies, but they clearly show all of this.

  10. Been taking 15 mg since the start of the week every night. I haven't really had any side effects, but im guessing it is because I take it before bed. But I have been starting to get pain/ache around the stomach area. Is this normal?


  11. I stack mk2866 RAD140 & carderine I take 1ml a day Nd Iโ€™m 16 just started my cycle how long would results take Iโ€™ve been training for 2 years but hit a plateau. Need to get big for football

  12. Guys I am not kidding. I got neoplasms in my penis from hyperplasia from my-677. I have 5 nodules in my penis that are about half the sizes of pea.

  13. People do not listen to these Amateurs. These two bitch boys barely have hair on their balls. They donโ€™t know shit

  14. It probably seems i lack knowledge on all things anabolics due to my age and โ€œlackโ€ of usage… i would say listen to younger lifters because i make many mistakes and it definitely tales mistakes to learn and grow

  15. My right shoulder is close to dislocated, after 20 mg a day i can bench and OHP once a week without pain. After stoping the pain seems to increase more than it was before the cycle which u described in this vid

  16. MK-677 will make you tired all fuckin day even if you take your doses couple hours before bed. Not worth it.

  17. On this note there's no medical documented evidence of "Hyperplasia" being induced by supra physiological igf1 levels in adults. Gh is a great fat burner and nothing more.

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