1. Cleanest concentrate there is? I know you sell the press but rosin has quite a bit of processing problems. Quality of material dictates a lot. And lipids. Rosin has too much. That's is NOT healthy. There are lots of contamination problems in rosin too. Rosin is getting better but it's a long way from perfect, same for hydrocarbon

  2. That's assuming the product you start with was grown (and flushed) properly.. that said I love you guys!

  3. Just ordered my Nugsmasher rosin bags. You can use other rosin bags in a pinch but notice less blowouts with the Nugsmasher bags.

  4. Got a min use it every week just cant get good fresh pressing bud.just did a 14 gram 3.5 at a time and only got 1.88 grams of rosion. Keep smashing

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