Cures For Cancer – Cannabis Oil & Baking Soda – Interview With Valerie

Here is a link to Valerie’s channel Here I Am Send Me She will be starting to post weekly …


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  2. Most people do not believe or know there is cure for cancer. When my brother was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer on October 18, 2017. He was advised by the doctor that the only options was to get a prostatectomy or have radiation seeds implanted in his prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. We followed All the doctors advice still no changes and my brother's condition got worst. I knew there had to be other options. I searched the Internet and discovered a wealth of information about Dr purity and his herbal exploit in curing most forms and stages of cancer. I was able to get his e-mail: He assured me my brother will be cured in maximum of 16 weeks.

    After getting his herbal medicine my brother immediately commenced with treatment as directed, In August 13th 2018 he had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results – NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE! One of the things that helped my brother while going through all this was reading the testimonies and the success stories of those who have been cured by Dr purity herbal medicine and with the right diet. Now that this wonderful herbal medicine has cured my brother, I feel the need of letting others know as well. Please feel free to contact Dr purity via email :, Believe it or not but I have done my part by passing this information.

  3. Great video. I have always been an advocate for the complete legislation of cannabis and hemp. There are so many untapped benefits of these plants.

  4. I love your video's. I love your channel. Also, frankincense kills cancer cells. subscribed liked and notification. Thanks for making these great videos. 😀

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