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  2. Ok this guy is spouting some serious bullshit. There is not only one disease, mucus is a common symptom of many diseases and is involved in many others. That doesn’t make it a disease. Also, why does he think that an African mind cannot accept European philosophies? We are all the same fucking species. All of you conspiracy theorists are insane. It’s like your doing a connect the dots puzzle but you don’t look at the numbers. And then you connect the dots to make your own picture but not in the right order. And because it looks like it makes sense you blindly accept nonsense without looking for evidence!

  3. The government works for big Pharma people. They keep you sick by poisoning you with chemicals. GMO unnatural foods pasta. We are carbon based entities. The cure exist to all illness. Fight back and use your voices Raise your vibrations Family

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  6. B.S. He never proved he could cure any life-threatening illness, nor anything. He was just a pathetic criminal taking advantage of desperate people. And was not a "doctor."

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  10. He lied throughout this video lol. He didn't "win" his case. The judge was a man first of all. The defendant doesn't sit there and ask the judge questions during their trial so this should have been alarms for most people that he was lying. This man was just a fraud for profit.

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