1. I was at the scrapyard with my Trash Ninja T-shirt, the gal at the counter loved it. I've hobby scrapped over $100 worth of metals which I have used to purchase $BCH BitcoinCash (which people in crypto refer to as "Bitcoin Trash") 🤣🤣 Love my New Hobby! 👊💥

  2. some pretty cool find's.The IV hanger could be used as a plant hanger and that lamp with the cowboys is a touch lamp. Plug it in and tap the shade if it works that's a very good find and would be interested in buying from you!

  3. Another great video scavenger. I look forward too seeing what your gonna fine nexx,Its always an adventure for all of scavengers out Herr.OOOWWWWW!!!!Thanks for all the fun you put into each every video brother.GOD BLESS.

  4. Mike firestic are awesome I have one myself you have the better one the one I'm looking to buy in the future Go on YouTube to electrical MD follow his directions if you have Wi-Fi you'll have free TV it's too cool it's how I watch YouTube

  5. That IV pole would be great for hanging plants if nothing else. Medical stuff like that is NOT cheap, so odds are someone will be wanting it. I did a little digging, and one that heavy-duty could easily run you $200. Put it out there for $40 and someone'll be banging down your door, most likely.

  6. hi mike great video great haul great scores the scooters leaf blower works and the very cool cowboy and horses lamp . what people throw away throw away There money to why not.

  7. Scooter chargers: They are 24 volts, like the mobility carts. The three pin connectors that hook up the charger have two pins for the actual charging, and the third pin connects to one of the other two (typically to negative) which disables the motor so you won't drive off with the charger connected. Chargers for 24 volt batteries are pretty common. Look for a pretty large lump, as the scooter batteries will store quite a bit of juice. You can find them all over eBay for $10 to $12. You will want one about 2 amps. If you look there, you will at least have a visual reference to know what to look for in your "inventory".

  8. Man you got to love it I look forward to your videos everyday . Thank you again for another awesome upload hope all is well with you your wife and of course the workhorse Dottie

  9. When I worked at UT we had workers remove old ballasts because they contained PCB's that cause cancer and they had to be treated as hazardous waste and disposal was expensive. I guess the junk yards must be sending this stuff to a third world country or something. It's called the American way.

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