Cultivation Rooms for the Cannabis Industry

While the cannabis cultivation industry is in its infancy, it is almost certain that it will be regulated in the future by the FDA or other governmental agencies like …


  1. This seems like a reasonable idea. I want complete information about this. I am starting up something that this might fit into in lots of ways.

  2. My rotten neighbors appear to use a similar system and I am wondering what you do to prevent low frequency vibration in your units. I am a neighbor of ABV cannabis co pure greens in Salida, Colorado who is tormenting our formerly beautiful area with light pollution and a low frequency vibration that hurts us 24/7. Their grow has made our life hell and me sleepless and suicidal and I would hate for anyone else to have to deal with such torture from a greedy grower. I know I'm a pain, but gentrification and extermination by greenhouse is not an acceptable benefit of cannabis!

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