1. May i ask why you bud wash? and where i live wich is bakersfield its real hot and is still warm in oct so if i bud wash will it cause mold?

  2. Awesome video man! Wow that's lots of trimming to do. My fiance helps me as well, but i only had a few smaller plants.

  3. Aha, #FuckYouRipper Harvest is on…… Glad to see you made it through another outdoor season……. my bday is the 29th so i will be joining the chat on you Anniversary/Halloween live show…..and win me a prize … lolol… woooo hooooo. #Croptober hugz

  4. damn I can just imagine the work ya got ahead of yourself..✂✂✂what is the significant about chopping on a full moon. ?? I just might go cut this experiment re- veg plant DOWN ..she's a tiny thing compared to one of those. LOL

  5. Brrrrr. Colder Than Hell here too. I agree Bro. Take em as they are, Don't Try and Grow Frostbitten Pot. lolz 😂
    Peace ✌️ and Love ❤️ to you and yours. Please use a Few Hippie Beadz 📿 Cause they Remind you of What Your Grateful For 😎

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