1. Great video! I have a question. I'm really thinking of buying this Crock Express pot – but I have heard you and others say that it doesn't develop the flavor expected. If you're browning the meat, and setting it on pressure cook – I would think the flavor would be there (?)
    Have you ever tried your pot roast recipes in an Instant Pot rather than the Crock Pot Express version of these electric pressure cookers? If so, does it develop more flavor from cooking in a stainless steel pot rather than a non-stick aluminum one – which is the one in the Crock Express? Thanks for your attention – please respond!! Great work!!

  2. I just got the Crock Pot Express, and I just randomly found you while looking for recipes and how-tos. I have a chicken brining as I type this – my first use of this machine!

    Taking a look at your channel, I have to say you are a trooper. I'll be exploring, and it'll take me a while because you have so many videos!

    Here's a bit of constructive criticism: You have a very friendly personality, and you generally know your material, however you should work on your delivery. Specifically, "What I am going to do is I am going to…" is a clear sign you don't have a script, and of the three videos I've seen, you say this phrase a lot. A script is not a requirement, but confident delivery is.

  3. I first heard about these from the RV channels. They love them because they can use (and store) 1 appliance that does multiple tasks where storage space is at a premium. So most of them would rate them a 9 or 10 out of 10. But your 7 makes sense since you already have multiple appliances. Also – You have been consistently putting out great videos. Thanks! YouTube will eventually find you!!!!

  4. I got a 12 function cooker from Kmart Australia, I love it. Mine also has a slow cook function as well. Love doing soup in the pressure cooker. Cooks in about 15 minutes!

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