Cops search cancer patient's room for marijuana

A Missouri police department has faced backlash after a video posted to social media Wednesday showed officers searching for marijuana in the belongings of …


  1. What a joke. And Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, south of Kansas City SUCKS 🖕, like most hospitals. Waisting [olive resources too!

  2. Someone needs to shred some asbestos and release it into the air of their station. Hopefully knowing that they will get cancer sometime in the next 30 years will help change their attitudes towards cancer patient rights.

  3. So do I thumb up or do I thumb down? Let me first get a vape of my cancer eating THC concentrate. Ah, that’s better, 👍

  4. Criminals like this are the reason we need more militarization, more funding, and less accountability for the police. I totally trust them to keep us safe.

  5. Another video stated the security guard was the one that called the police because he smelled marijuana. The video is disturbing on so many levels. To think that officer's can enter your hospital room and go thru your personal belongings without permission simply based on hearsay and no probable cause should piss off every citizen of this country! Any law enforcement officer with half a brain that was sent on that call should have realized the man is in the fight of his life against cancer and then left stating they smelled nothing. In fact, you don't hear one cop in the room say they smell MJ. That should have been enough. I support law enforcement for the most part on an individual bases but these officers were in the wrong. The only good thing about the extended video that was recorded on Facebook live is the fact that the injustice, stress and violation of this man was exposed. There is a follow up video with the patient and his family in which they stated the bag with his "end of life" meds WAS searched and absolutely NOTHING illegal was found. You can find the entire video and the follow up at his YouTube site. NOLAN SOUSLEY.

  6. repost of Mike Kenner:The best legal advice for the city of bolivar is to immediately terminate the officers who were present and make them publicly apologize on live t.v. and make them admit that what they did was wrong. The city should offer a decent amount of money out of court to this man and his family, also they should have to donate a large sum to a cancer treatment and prevention center.

  7. The worst part is that if they wrote him a citation and he died, the county or whatever would probably still go after the family for the fine.

  8. I know they're there to do a job.
    But damn marijuana and cancer has been known to help alleviate the pain for decades and decades.
    To go in a hospital and somebody who has cancer to search for marijuana. it is a sad day for your boss to tell you to go there in search for marijuana.
    I bet you if you looked at that same floor there was a lot of people doing morphine drips to.

  9. Finally a black person called cop's on a white for doing nothing. Amerikkka was getting ugly again for a few years with all the racist fraudulent cop calling whites..I knew God would come through and change it up on them with his What goes around comes back around strategy.

  10. ~ Why we need to legalize drugs on a federal level NOW.
    Why so many people dislike and mistrust the police – yeh yeh I know, he was just doing his job blah blah blah. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~

  11. That cops haircut tells you everything you need to know. Looks like he’d like to be first in line to invade Poland.

  12. SMH. Shame on those officers. If that is doing your job, you should quit.
    "To serve and protect." Who are you serving??? Who are you protecting??? You SUCK!!!!!

  13. These gentleman should be ashamed of themselves. Compassion and common sense should have prevailed in this case.

  14. See perfect example why i changed my mind about being a cop..they make themselves look like about the go search the local meth traphouse

  15. POS this is why people hate cops. I hope every pig envolved has to suffer the same pain this man does or has to watch a loved one suffer through it SOBs

  16. Wow,I am sick after watching more punk ass pigs harassing a guy literally on his death bed over marijuana.the one in the beanie is a Lil punk…it's cops like this that make people hate the police.i appreciate police and what they do but ones like these need to be weeded out and fired the ones who got beat up in high school and now they got a badge,gun and a Lil power so their all of a sudden 7ft tall and tough guys.makes me sick!!! thoughts and prayers to the family

  17. Two dopes that couldn’t find the dope. Chief this is a fine allocation of police resources. Thugs harassing a person with not much time left. Really? Come on fellas get out on the streets and take a bite out of crime. Lets make law enforcement great. YouTube is making you good cops look like idiots for working with and for so many knuckleheads. 6 out of 10 cops should be doing something else.

  18. These cops and hospital employees are simply doing their jobs and following the law of the land….then again a lot of Nazis were doing the same thing in 1930s Germany…what exactly is the difference?

  19. Good for the police! God bless that officer. It's about time we CRACKED DOWN on nursing home and hospice patients' use of painkilling drugs!!!!

  20. Well maybe it's better than them running around shooting people that don't have guns?! nothing surprising. Or raping innocent women 14 hookers or whoever. they're pigs this is what they do. When they're not murdering someone else raping somebody else? Hello that's why they're pigs. where have all the videos gone of them rescuing cats from trees and s***? They'll probably come here and shoot me in my front porch for smoking a cigarette next. Serve and Protect? I doubt it.

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