1. Great video love hemp hash quality stuff and good prices, tried their V1, Pink Kush, Pollen hash and Tooty Fruity.. the Tooty fruity is amazing 💚 😱

  2. Hey, what weight (3.5,7?) did you get from hemphash? Also, could you do a review of the Green Crack from hemphash please? I’d love to see a review before I consider buying it

  3. Just had 2g of juicy turn up today from these guys…. Used hemp elf for ages but lately feel not as good as they were quality wise. After your pineapple review with hemp hash ain't looked back. Quality

  4. Had to re-upload this video plus a bunch more on the way so you may see videos you've already seen before over the next few days but stick by, I'll pepper in new reviews in between!

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