Controlling the Size of Your Cannabis Plants: Kyle Kushman / Green Flower

Your cannabis plant will double in size before it stops growing.” How big do you want your cannabis to grow? According to award-winning top cannabis breeder …


  1. Kyle kushmans las Vegas purple kush cured my friends cancer, she had a tumour behind her eye and it meant they were going to take her eye out!!

    She only has residual remains now but looking good for an all clear at next appointment

    edit2add…. is the original clone originating from "HYDROSUN" R.I.P he passed it out to the community as it was a special plant

    Peace 👊🏾🔥♥️

  2. U r a grandmaster of growing cannabis u definately kno what u r saying ,i live in ja ive been growing outdoors for 20 years and indoor for the past 11years and everything u just said is perfectly right peace n love my brother

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