Complaints about applicant fail to derail marijuana plan

Approved Thursday by the Grand Rapids Planning Commission call for medical marijuana provisioning centers at a current veterinary clinic on Plainfield …

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  1. That's going to be great helping people out what was the old saying tobacco kills in marijuana hills. It will also develop additional income for the city the state as well as the federal government it's a win-win situation but let's make sure that these buildings are in compliance with accessibility for the physically challenged or they might have employees that are in a wheelchair but they have power sisters for the physically challenged not like Rosa Park or they don't have power stores did they ever get around to put power assist doors on the second floor of the bathrooms of the 26 million dollar farmers market that is in Grand rapids I'm going to have a lot of extra time now now that I'm moving out shell s home the city responsible and I knew city manager Mark Washington it's got to be held responsible and the governor she wants to get rid of rid of the elliott-larsen act of 1976 laws that help the disabled people.

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