"Combating The Legalization And Normalization Of Marijuana”

June 08, 2019 MSM News Luke Niforatos on Combating the Legalization Marijuana Smart Approaches to Marijuana’s Luke Niforatos …


  1. The beauty of the cannabis issue is that basically everyone already has his mind made up and doesn't listen to what groups like SAM say unless they already agree with the message. They're just tooting their own horns.

  2. Cannabis is legal now and gov controlled. How can it be trusted anymore?

    It was illegal as long as it was a natural healer. Now it's been taken control over by the human oppressors. They own the patient's and the profits.

    Wake up and stop being so nieve.

  3. Almost everything that dude said was a lie. I have provided a few examples below but there are thousands of studies and reports that debunk most of what he said. Do your own research!

  4. DOT HS 808 078 "Marijuana and Actual Driving Performance" Final Report, Nov. 1993

    Conclusions on page 108 of the copy I received from the NHTSA are interesting and

    informative. A sample : "It is possible to safely study the effects of marijuana on driving on

    highways or city streets in the presence of other traffic." "Drivers under the influence of

    marijuana tend to over-estimate the adverse effects of the drug on their driving ability and

    compensate when they can; e.g. by increasing effort to accomplish the task, increasing headway

    or slowing down, or a combination of these."

    DOT HS 808 939 "Marijuana, Alcohol and Actual Driving Performance" July 1999 Conclusion

    on page 39 midway of paragraph 5.1 of the copy I received: The addition of the new data, (for

    marijuana), broadens the range of reactions that may be expected to occur in real life. This range

    has not been shown to extend into the area that can rightfully be regarded as dangerous or an

    obviously unacceptable threat to public safety. DOT HS 809 020 "Visual Search and Urban City

    Driving under the Influence of Marijuana and Alcohol" March 2000: Conclusion 1 on page 24 of

    the copy I received. "Low doses of marijuana taken alone, did not impair city driving

    performance and did not diminish visual search frequency for traffic at intersections in this


    General Discussion on page 22 . Previous on-the-road studies have also demonstrated that

    subjects are generally aware of the impairing properties of THC and try to compensate for the

    drug's impairing properties by driving more carefully (Hansteen et al, 1976; Casswell, 1979;

    Peck et al, 1986; Robbe 1994).

    DOT HS 809 642 "State of Knowledge of Drug Impaired Driving" Sept 2003: Experimental

    Research of Cannabis, page 41 midway: "The extensive studies by Robbe and O'Hanlon (1993),

    revealed that under the influence of Marijuana, drivers are aware of their impairment, and when

    experimental tasks allow it, they tend to actually decrease speed, avoid passing other cars, and

    reduce other risk-taking behaviors."

    DOT HS 808 065 "The Incidence and Role of Drugs in Fatally Injured Drivers" Oct. 1992 In

    discussing the "Distribution of Ratings on Driver Responsibility" Table 5.12 page 64 of the copy

    I received, paragraph (p.65); "Responsibility, drugs and alcohol, third paragraph, "the following

    appears: "Note that the responsibility rates of the THC-only and Cocaine-only groups are

    actually lower than that of the drugfree drivers. Although these results too are inconclusive, they

    give no suggestion of impairment in the two groups. The low responsibility rate for THC was

    reminiscent of that found in young males by Williams and colleagues (1986).” This study is

    remarkable in it's propensity to attack itself as inconclusive.

    Forensic Science Review Vol. 14, Number One/Two, Jan 2002, surely must be the reference of

    note regarding metabolic functions and where the THC goes following ingestion. This review

    discuses THC and it's metabolites; THCCOOH, 11-OH-THC to mention the most discussed.

    Location and type of measured quantities of these and other metabolites should be easy to use to

    determine if a driver is "stoned" or was stoned yesterday, or last week. Mention was made of a

    man who had measurable levels of metabolites sixty-seven days after ingesting Cannabis.

    Chap IX paragraph D, "Summary" appears to be of two minds. While stating: "Studies

    examining Cannabis' causal effect through responsibility analysis have more frequently indicated

    that THC alone did not increase accident risk …" it continues optimistically suggesting that

    further exhaustive research may rebut that. All of the studies agree that combining Cannabis with

    any other drug, such as Alcohol … a major deleterious effect on driving skills, as is benzoates

    with Cannabis … it rapidly becomes evident that Cannabis in combination with any number of

    other drugs is not to be desired, but that Cannabis and Cocaine alone in all six studies have the

    smallest perceived safety risk of all the drugs and drug combinations tested and against drug-free



    The study showed that a modest dose of alcohol (BAC = 0.034 g%) produced a

    significant impairment in city driving, as measured by the molar approach, relative

    to a placebo. More specifically, alcohol impaired both vehicle handling and traffic

    maneuvers. Marijuana, administered in a dose of 100ʵg/kg THC, on the other

    hand, did not significantly change mean driving performance as measured by this

    approach. Neither alcohol nor marijuana significantly affected driving performance

    measures obtained by the molecular approach, indicating that it may be relatively

    insensitive to drug-induced changes. Driving quality, as rated by the subjects,

    contrasted with observer ratings.

    Alcohol impaired driving performance according to the driving instructor, but

    subjects did not perceive it; marijuana did not impair driving performance, but the

    subjects themse lves perceived their driving performance as such. Both groups

    reported about the same amount of effort in accomplishing the driving test

    following a placebo. Yet only subjects in the marijuana group reported

    significantly higher levels of invested effort following the active drug. Thus there

    is evidence that subjects in the marijuana group were not only aware of their

    intoxicated condition, but were also attempting to compensate for it. These seem to

    be important findings. They support both the common bel ief that drivers become

    overconfident after drinking alcohol and investigators' suspicions that they become

    more cautious and self-critical after consuming low doses of THC, as smoked


    Yet THC's effects differ qualitatively from many other drugs, especially alcohol.

    Evidence from the present and previous studies strongly suggests that alcohol

    encourages risky driving whereas THC encourages greater caution, at least in

    experiments. Another way THC seems to differ qualitatively from many other

    drugs is that the former's users seem better able to compensate for its adverse

    effects while driving under the influence.

  5. U. Of Toronto Study Shows Marijuana Not a Hazard! (3/1999)


    Cannabis May Make You a Safer Driver (8/2000)


    Australia: Cannabis Crash Risk Less: Study (1998)


    Australia: Study Goes to Pot (1998)


    1994 Dutch Study On "Marijuana Use And Driving" In Real World Conditions


  6. Marijuana and Driving: A Review of the Scientific Evidence


    In February, the Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk report, produced by the Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, found that while drunken driving dramatically increased the risk of getting into an accident, there was no evidence that using marijuana heightened that risk. In fact, after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, the report found that stoned drivers were no more likely to crash than drivers who were not intoxicated at all.







  7. Thanks! Can’t stand SAM. Unfortunately for the Prohibitionist the cat is out of the bag. The Prohibitionist paying SAM are wasting their money at this point. I don’t think you can slow it down. SAM is making money but I think as companies and industries realize they are going to lose they will through in the tow.

  8. I don't support marijuana, but i will not tell people what stupidity they put in their bodies. It should only be for MEDICAL purpose, not for personal use.

  9. The answer to bad speech is more speech.
    Thank you for your work here sir.
    Keep it up
    BTW, for the eatables that are supposely dangerous for kids, just point to big farma the similiraty between Smarties M&Ms and pharmaceutical pills
    420 from Qc,Canada

  10. Luke looks like a door knocker… Bet they have Big Pharma money propping them up. He is talking about Marta Di Forti's psychosis research that is based on surveys, not science…

  11. Marijuana is one of a nature tree like other ,tree that God bless for healing ,and medicine, my.mother was took over her aunty knowledge of medicine that make from seeds and leaves trunk roots of trees, and I still understand,those medicine,and what kind of sickness you use for ,because we don't go to doctors but we use pour own way, of plus we believe in God and trust him the only Doctor in the Universe ,the natural is very important.

  12. Thank you!!! It is so important to know how the other side thinks. It’s the only way we will find the middle ground with the rational among them.

  13. I'm in Washington State where we've legalized recreational cannabis. You can buy any kind of product variation you can imagine at a corner store. Now those who always made their living growing cannabis are almost giving it away. People are going to oils and edibles more. This guy is a jerk, cannabis has been researched for the last 100 years and used to be in every Doctor's medicine bag. Give us the freedom to grow our own and leave us alone, or we'll do it anyway. Don't smoke and drive ok? Alcohol is proof of what can happen. Lobbying isn't new btw and politicians taking kick backs is the name of the game isn't it? Hemp and cannabis could change quality of life for many and empower even more. He doesn't understand the concept of freedom. Cannabis is not a new drug being unleashed on our country, lmao. Btw, all the other drugs are being produced by people who are doing it for a profit. I'd like to say to this guy that he doesn't get to tell me what I can smoke, screw off. There won't be a big corporate take over if you grow your own. I could barely stand to look at the jerk

  14. there really should be regulation to stop the commercialization , (((big cannabis)))
    like the (((Sackler family))) though , there should be laws against commercial legalization something like 100 to 200 plants limit , maybe less, let everyone share in the wealth and get to produce some and make some money
    and keep the product quality up by limiting grows to microbrew like proportion do we really want these israeli mega grows like (((valley green grow))) and (((Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein))) getting to grow literally hundreds of thousands of plants and monopolizing the entire industry , using their profits to make laws forbidding )))us((( from ANY home growing ? i think not , decriminalization with no taxation is much better than (((legalization)))
    lets not forget (((who))) it was who pushed for the current legalization and taxation
    the (((same people))) who are pushing to remove ALL home growing provisions that the voters voted for

  15. When they rattle off that list i realize how really ignorant and brainwashed people are afraid its all true the conspiracies have been proven wake the fuck up n do your homework before its too late

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