1. Sorry…. CELL PHONES vs CANNABIS / Correlation does not equal causation! in motor vehicle accidents!!! No victim No crime NO MENS REA Taxation is theft! NO TO UNJUST LAWS!!!!

  2. My uncle died at age 57 after suffering for years from larynx and lung cancer. He never smoked marijuana. He did drink heavily and smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I wonder what these people have to say about legal substances that are killing Nebraskans every day.

  3. Don't smoke that plant, but drink all the poison alcohol you want! Let's ignore the results from other states' legalization… since they go against what we're saying…. But again, drink up!

  4. Pete Ricketts worships Moloch. Coach Osborne is a senile fluoride-head. They want government to dictate your healthcare because they love powerful, big government. They are evil.

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