1. Nicotine is not the issue it’s the thousands of other chemicals that tobacco companies put in to their cigarettes

  2. what she said about the coughing when you wake up, oh how true that is. i would look at my cigs and how bad i wanted to light it i knew soon as i did i would start coughing so i would as to say baby puff lol it. well now thanks to a friend she gave me a puff off of hers over 5 years ago and i went out and got my own and never touched a cancer stick since. so pleased to have my vape, and feel so much better.

  3. Um, vaping does not innately contain nicotine and perpetuating this fact is dishonest, I vape, I'm down to 0 nic, that means none, which a lot of people actually vape without nic. And, btw, research nicotine, it's used by the propaganda put out by big pharma who would rather people use their prescriptions which may or may not cause suicidal thoughts. Nicotine can be addictive, but no more so, and no more dangerous than caffeine. It's just a buzz words anti-vaping peeps love to use because of it's obvious connection with cigarettes which ARE NOT the part of smoking cigarettes that cause cancer and kills people. Using it as such is simply a bad faith argument.

  4. So tell me how these 'teens' getting these e-cigs? Cause they can't just walk into a store and buy them just like that? Are they buying them online? Then who's credit cards are they using?
    Come on people..can't blame a company for parents not doing their jobs, just like you're not gonna blame the car company for an accident that happens in a car that you bought because you're not paying attention to a red traffic signal.

  5. My husband and I smoke conventional cigarettes for years. We switched to vaping about 15 years ago. It only took me one draw on a vape and I tossed away my cigarettes and never looked back. I agree that kids under 21 shouldn't be using nicotine in any form and I would tell anyone who currently doesn't smoke not to vape either. But… If you are going to smoke or are smoking cigarettes, switch to vaping immediately.

  6. "My grandparents died from smoking related diseases" she says banning vaping and not even mentioning actual diseases.

  7. 28 years of smoking. Patches, pills, gum, smoking around kids, yellow teeth, dark lips. I vape now 3mg. I dont wake up looking for that first cig in the morning nor my vape. I think vaping is my key to quitting all together

  8. Vaping was the only way that I was able to quit smoking! Haven't smoked in over a year now. I can smell again, breathe easier, jog, and I don't stink like smoke or taste of ash. Vapes have been a god send! If not for vapes, I'd still be smoking $10 pk nasty cigs which I no longer enjoyed using.

  9. People or teens that do not smoke should absolutely NOT start vaping…but for those who already smoke, vaping nicotine is far less harmful than cigarettes

  10. so flavored e-liquid is marketed toward kids, but no one is thinking about Smirnoff and other alcohol. also I'm an uderage vaper and can't use any e-liquid over 6 mg nicotine, and my tolerance to nicotine gets lower by the month, it's not addicting either, i find its harder to stop drinking soda and other sugary drinks than it is to quit vaping. if you disagree, search up "Five misconceptions about vaping" by Dashvapes

  11. I am. This lady on here saying she don't care about adults, the voters, but kids are more important. Kids can't provide any money to campaigns, they don't pay taxes, they don't have a say in this world.

  12. This media 'created' vaping epidemic is only being used to control adults. This entire created issue is only about money, markets and revenue and the tobacco MSA agreement and corresponding bonds all based on future sales of cigarettes and 'real' tobacco products. As usual it has nothing to do with teens or anyone's health, if you think otherwise I have a bridge to sell you.

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