1. i stop smoking 3 weeks ago, i have to take it all out of my system, i wonder how much it will take, i was smoking almost everyday, feels better without weed jaja lol, i am working out a lot and used to be lean but gained weight by taking some pills that were not allowing me to exercise and were making me gained weight just for the sake of it lol. i am taking a test in 4 weeks i hope i can pass it.

  2. I have a drug test in 2 weeks I need help ! I've been smoking weed every day since I was a little kid .. can someone help me succeed this I'm on the monitor! Ugh

  3. Good thing ik a guy that works at a vitamin shop that has something that's 97% effective and Ik a few guys that said it worked for them so shes wrong about the marijuana detox stuff.

  4. Hey i have a question i been with out smoking for 1 month and i been takinf the naicin pills 💊 2 in the morning and 2 at night also i work out monday to friday and i do sweat when i work out alot of ppl talk about a drug test in the spot the type of drug test they do to me is a DOT test because i have a CDL class A license so they take a sample of my urine and send it off to a lab you think in 1 month drinking apple juice and popping them pills i should be good?

  5. I'm on Probation and I take drug test each month. I smoke after each drug test like 5 days straight . Then I just drink water and some days I got out and play basketball and sweat. And Boom Negative for thc . ALWAYS TALK SHIT TO MY P.O AFTER EACH TEST 🤗

  6. I go for urine test for job tomorrow I'm tripping I been usen nician water apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice I feel like gross water balloon of gnarly piss

  7. You might not be fat, but women have alot more fat % of their body than men, on average anyway. A smaller girl like you could be 15% body fat, while as a guy with the same height and weight might only be 9% which doesn't seem like alot but that 6% is the difference between having abs and being considered fat in a man's body. While a girl with 15% might very well have some abs and a lean frame. So it will vary depending on gender, metabolism, water intake, exercise, perspiration, and probably a bunch of other things.

  8. I’m still testing positive after 23 days I’m 130 5’6 female 18 years old , active, kinda heavy smoker.

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