Christians Smoking Marijuana? – Ask Pastor Tim

Why do people smoke marijuana? For some it is for medical purposes; and for many young kids it is due to peer pressure from their “friends”. However, for most …


  1. Marijuana smoking is A SIN !
    WICKED ONE PUFF KILLS BRAIN CELLS THE DEVIL IS IUT TO KILL. And tge Lord won't put more on a child of God than you can bare so you don't need MARIJUANA you need prayer.

  2. I don't believe in none of this religion bullshit so dont come at me with those arguments I like to argue facts not beliefs the benefits far outweigh the cons when it comes to weed and thas just facts

  3. Do some research on how many babies are stillborn or have defects I believe that cannabinoid deficient mothers would be at high risk, I would welcome any study that could prove or disprove this. If found to be proved then there is no doubt that mankind is benefitted by cannabinoids.

  4. Ok why did God create cannabinoids, and why is it present in breast milk, and why does it heal and prevent so many illness's?

  5. Smoking marijuana is no worse than prescription medications or alcohol. Less so, in fact. This video is incredibly ignorant. The reason it's illegal is due to corporate greed and this idiot is buying into the bullshit behind all the hype.
    At the end of the day, smoking pot doesn't make you hurt anyone. It helps with anxiety, pain, etc. I'm so sick of people acting like it's evil. It's not.

  6. I understand what he is trying to get across but I’m hearing more of his personal experiences and opinions. Which is fine! Although I HAVE felt (on many occasions) while being high going deep into prayer, or praise feeling closer and connected than ever before because I don’t have the negative FEELINGS holding me back. If my brother in Christ wants to speak his opinion about weed along with what scripture says that’s cool I get that. Although not everyone’s reason, experience, or outcome of using marijuana is the same. Yes there is a lot of people who abuse it and lie about the reasons the smoke it, although it doesn’t mean every user does? I don’t, I get high to sleep after a very busy day when I can’t seem to turn my mind off. I believe weed can be used for the greater good. Obviously in the medical field, but also recreationally. Why? Because it all comes down to choices. Someone can still make good decisions while high. Good decision and good judgement in preparation for what you are doing that day. The Bible talks about not being drunk, I know by personal experience being stoned or fried is the weed version of drunk… and can be avoided by simply drinking water, eating and most importantly watching how much you smoke. Now weed is not for everyone, some like it some don’t. There IS definitely a fine line with weed that a lot of people cross over because they have the free will to get high as they want.. aka stoned, fried, etc. IF you have self discipline you can maturely discipline yourself to have a proper dose (1 hit is all you need) it’s turns into abuse I think, WHEN someone CONTINUES to hit and hit again and again when they’re already high. That “feeling” is the thc working. It helps people with anxiety, depression, and pain. The “high” is the the same thing as “pain relief” when a aleve pill kicks in. One is natural and one is man made. The Bible talks about how all plants are for use to use but also the Bible speaks about doing things in moderation. (Not trying to start any arguments here but feel free to pitch in what you think!) God bless yall

  7. And why do people get addicted to alcohol and have died because of alcohol but no one who died from cannabis

  8. I disagree on the part that you can't enjoy the taste certain strains of marijuana have different tastes and smells I use it at the moment for my stomach to help settle after I eat the only reason why I'm watching this video it's cuz I'm not sure if it's a sin or not since I'm new to this religion but you say that they're lying because they enjoy the taste is false and is your opinion


  10. When I smoke marijuana I let spirits in unwelcomed spirits it is not from the Father but of the world .

  11. Bud I smoke an I never see or hear evil I'm reborn again Christian an I obye Jesus Christ I obye my ten commandments my brain just fine I go church every Sunday a. Read my Bible everyday learn your facts

  12. It all boils down to you wanting to escape the reality you are in. Why do you feel the need to escape the current situation? Why do you feel you need to add some type of “fun” to your current situation? Is your current situation bothering you? Are you unhappy or bored ? These are all questions I have to ask myself as i fight the urge or I feel myself legalizing my thoughts. It’s not the weed. It’s you using something to escape your current situation. We do it with sex,drugs,alcohol,shopping, etc. if we can’t be happy with all we were born with, than isn’t that the issue? If we can’t stand alone, away from any additions, can we be happy. I know for myself, I’m happiest in Gods presence. I’ll admit there were some times (few) when I would smoke and listen to sermons and yes I’d realize some things I had not due to mind-blocks…..but it’s a slippery slope…and in the end I have to admit, it was when I was fully submitting to God, that I feel most whole.
    I came to a conclusion: do you want to live a life where your questioning your status with God, or do you want to live in certainty?

  13. Doubt any of these people defending marijuana for the sake of getting "buzzed" are even born again. NEVER knew a so called "christian" pot smoker who i would consider a born again new creature. BEHOLD ALL THINGS ARE NEW.

  14. Sad how much people are bringing Tim down due to getting secular info information. What matters is biblical information.

  15. This guy has EVERY clue about cannabis because he's listening to the Word of God. Thank you Tim!! This is extremely encouraging as I try to prevent peers from trying weed out.

  16. This guy may no scripture but he is assuming a lot of false stuff about weed, lol weed was made illegal because of big tobacco having the government in its pocket! Lol weed is less dangerous that alcohol or cigarettes, less addictive, and it doesn’t effect your mind persay, it doesn’t effect your morals, or what is right or wrong. It may effect your reflexes, or ability not to giggle like crazy, but it’s not going to make you go rob a bank or cheat on your spouse… lol

  17. I don't smoke weed but as a Christian I believe anything that is mind altering by getting stoned or using alcohol to get drunk is distirting your journey with the Lord. I would prefer to live a sober lifestyle.

  18. It’s interesting he says in the beginning “we are supposed to be obeying governing authorities” Ive heard a lot of Christians say that when it comes to trump, (give him a chance, member romans 13! We are to submit to those God puts above us) yet that verse was no where to be found when Obama was president, Fox News, conservative media and the majority of Christian conservatives, all were convinced he was the Anti Christ. The truth is most Christians have been indoctrinated to believe a false truth. And that is that Christians shouldn’t smoke weed. It’s bad, it’s the devils lettuce, etc….but a good 65% + of those people have never tried weed, and if they have it was a “failure on their part” a lapse in judgement etc…. so Christians are fooled into believing it can kill brain cells, it’s dangerous, addictive etc, and they’re reluctant to address new information and studies, seemingly out of fear of getting too close?? As if weed can harm you just by researching, I believe if Christians want to be “moral police” and say this is and immoral/ sinful practice I would really want to see them educate themselves first, because I bet and have heard a lot of willfully ignorant people of facts! Just smoke

  19. I'm a little curious on how people can ask a question and instally be accused of trying to justify what you are doing. I smoke and I'm trying to follow God and his ways and u will not lie I do smoke bc I enjoy it like I enjoy playing my games or hiking or even sex. I'm not very well versed in the bible as I am still on my walk to gain knowledge so i can do right by God and resist the devil. I dont believe as of right now that weed is bad but when you let it keep you from studying the word or going to church or anything that can take away from God is a sin so in turn if doing it responsibly it will not be a sin now dont take my words seriously as I'm not at saying I'm right you must decide that on your own and check me bc God has said to check everyone so do not take my word as it's not a sin. I'm on my way to figure that out myself but we need to stop and think and come together to figure this out bc I hear on both sides they feel the holy ghost convicting them well we both can not be right it eaither is or not so who is actually telling the truth. Now I wish to not lead anyone astray God forbid I do that if so I'm truly sorry. But judging people or making up lies on weed is not good eaither. I have never hallucinated, nor have I been so far gone on weed. I only smoke it bc it gets me high and helps me look at things in a different light to see both sides of the coin. I wanna serve God I can give it up if that's what he asks of me mo sweat. Bit if it's ok for me to do so as to enjoy it from time to time I wont stop doing it but only if God says get rid of it. I do not think that is a bad way to approach this and to accuse people straight out that they just wanna justify their sin I wrong some may do that but it turns people who are generally trying to find out if it is truly a sin.

  20. 11:01 because it feels good tf you mean? if you know marijuana is a plant that god made earth with plants in it….. that means its ok to use amything gof made in this world for our pleasures right? why eat a ice cream? why eat a good plate of food? why buy a nice car? why take a noce vacation? why pay for a massage? why have sex at all? why have a nice nap? why listen to music? why chill at the beach? why take a hike up a nice mountain? why paint with utensils/ elements that god made? because it feels good.. pleasure your self with the life that god gave you enjoy it and give love and positivity don't think you are right just give the word of God and let god decide the day we die love god love the earth god left us in

  21. I used cocain, xtc, weed, hash, mdma, psychedelics and a lot more drugs and i could easily get rid of them all exept for canabis it was so hard for me to quit it and sometimes it still is and it absolutely impacts your life negatively i smoked it for 8 years. You avoid you family all your friends will be weedsmokers and you always have those nasty bloodshot eyes. Always tired no motivation to live life to the fullest. And it cost a load of money i spent between 10/20 euro's a day… that's almost a full time job just to be able to smoke …

  22. Christians are hypocrites they want to impose government ideas into the church. There isnt a thing in the bible about weed and an all knowing father woulda gave warning like he did for booze, women, and food. He said pharmaka is sorcery which means pharmaceutical not weed. But lets destroy this fake pastor real quick. How was church sunday pastor? Just so u kno u have been following a pagan ritual dressed in Christian clothing. Saturday is the sabbath not sunday. Also paster God says specifically ye shall kindle no fire on the sabbath, do u drive ur car on the sabbath? Ur kidling fire thats a sin pastor. Now lets talk what sin is!

  23. Hello I am a Christian i smoke marijuana I am not a judge mental Christian here i’m not looking for any religious debates or anything I’m probably going to get a lot of hateful comments for being honest God made marijuana for a reason it’s none of my business how people use it but it’s used in a very positive way to help people for example cancer patients and other general stuff people use it for in a good perspective. I smoke it and I’m a Christian and the reason I smoke because it helps me relax and helps me sleep It helps me focus with the right dosage and there’s other reasons why are used too i use it for medical purposes personally As a Christian I will be bold enough to admit that I do smoke because it really has helped me in my lifetime and I think God every day for it. I support marijuana usage! Godbless you all have a good day

    thank you for reading my testimony 🙂

  24. People go to hospitals to get treatments for various ailments, pay through the roof it, is way more stronger than cannabis (and is most of the time synthetic), and then do not have a long term or desirable improvement or effect. The same people have been introduced to cannabis treatment as an alternative, and are doing much better. There is a time, place, and reason for it. God put it on earth for a reason – He gave us everything we need. It's there to be used in a mature, responsible way – as with anything! Too much sugar is bad and can kill you! Think!!

  25. There is nothing worse than listening to Christians who don’t know what they’re talking about. Marijuana originally became illegal because it was a way to demonize Mexicans entering the United States in the early 1900s after the Mexican Revolution.

  26. Great video, very honest! But…There is no way God is happy with alcohol and not marijuana. Marijuana was made by God, alcohol was made by man. Marijuana definitely 100% has many many medicinal benefits, it also has its problems. Just like alcohol, people can become dependant but the plus side is that it isn't physically addictive, only mentally (people can feel bored or anxious when they stop smoking)

    There is a small chance that you never would have found god if you didn't smoke marijuana when you did. There is a GREAT chance that I wouldn't have.

  27. If this video doesn't convince a believer to abstain from drug use, then I seriously doubt anything else will. A clear mind that prays regularly helps one govern a disciplined Christian life.

  28. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law. …

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