1. so fucking cool im a big fan of yours fro a long time xd. Hope yuoll get mopre fans in the future

  2. As soon as I heard your song or the moment I tried to clean my glasses, I felt like I was being manipulated by you.

  3. One of your videos is down @Domynos Music, I've been playing the track since at least 2016, I'd appreaciate if you gave it back #thats that, so I can listen to it and smoke some gas, that sticky ganja, smoking till the last, now that songs gone Im mad.
    please, I and many friends listen to that specific vid, or maybe you could give me the names to the songs in the video

  4. yo omg smoke a joint in bed with a little yellow light with a cigaret and your boyfriend/girlfriend with that music its just insane i cannot explain how I m felling so fucking good rn 😻‼️‼️

  5. Mano, vc tinha um vídeo que foi excluído chamado "Melodic Dubstep (WEED MIX)" Eu adorava aquelas músicas, vc me poderia passar elas?

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