Checking cannabis plants for unwelcome guests.

Looking on underside of leaves may reveal unwanted guests. caterpillars like to hide out on underside of leaves.At night they shelter on underside of leaves.


  1. I know this is unrelated to the video but I was curious about something. How many hours of light do you give your clones when you first cut them unrooted? I’ve heard to give them ambient light or no light or regular light so I wanted to know what you do. Thanks man I appreciate it!

  2. Man brother those girls are looking nice and healthy doing a great job hope you get a great harvest brother.

  3. Those Caterpillar's can cause some serious damage if not found…plants just blowing up…..Alriiiiiiiight!

  4. Gotta watch after the girls close! Them darn moths get laying eggs wont be pretty ,plus the damage from the caterpillar before it becomes a moth! 😉 Spilosoma virginica The wolly Bear"! :p Puff puff pass~

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