CBDfx Review: 8 CBD Vape Pen Flavors, Organic and All-Natural, (See Our Favorite Flavor)

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  1. Copped mine at a shell gas station. Ofcourse I had my doubts for the gas station CBD pen for 15 dollars, butbthe nice, clean packaging really gave me hope. First puff was crazy, I didn't believe something so good could actually have some potent CBD. Effect was quick and easy, made my drive to work a new experience. Came to look for a review and now I feel even better about my purchase. I still plan on exploring looking for the best at higher price points but this'll be the one I keep on a regular.

  2. I bought the mint one and it's so nice to be able to carry it in my pocket and microdose throughout the day. Also very yummy (I love minty stuff).

  3. Any idea what the concentration is, so mg per milliliter. How many milliliters of juice is in one of these. Just curious. I purchased 2 of them a couple days ago, looking forward to getting them. The 50mg ones.

  4. how long does it take for the pen to arrive. I did the USPS option to have the pen here in 1-3 days. My order still says processing. How long will it take for the order to stop say processing and for it to start to make its way to my house?

  5. Thanks for making this. Was trying to get the “final assurance” before ordering, and then I stumbled across your video about them.

  6. I’m really interested in these vape pens for cbd. Tried capsules and tinctures but not sure if I’m really feeling anything. I’m also on anti depressants so maybe that’s making the effects?

  7. I’m 13 and I have very bad back pain do you think this would help me I am I to young? Does it have nicotine?

  8. how many hits do i take? took 3 and held in 2..so no vapor came out ? is that bad..hurt lungs? NEW-just got it// mint? wonder if all this smoking rope -male plant is over hype.. mind overe matter..belief in some thing..makes it so..Cure ? i still have pain ..smoking CBD and taking liquid !! Now guy in `toby`s pot store in Chehalis,Wa` tells me the CBD only or works best when u have some THC in with it ..HA HA HA..well if he said this to make a sale ..i waster $42. on joint and some THC _CBD liquid to vape .. WOW..did I get stoned ..2 different days ..S O R R Y..all u pot heads I did not like it in the 70`s and not like it now…Total stupid HIGH ..total waste of money ..No u do not need to get high=try CBD..then they get u on TCH ..LOLOLOLOL..WA state makes some over 42% tax on it . Fuck it grow your own and give it away FREE…

  9. Love your review. As someone who has never smoked before I wanted to get some info before hand. I am on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day and a pretty stressful management job. I was looking for a way to help keep the anxiety and stress down as well help with pain. It's only been 3 days and I must say 3 draws before bed and I'm sleeping great.

  10. One pen lasts you a whole month?? No way for real? Lol man thats just hard to believe Idk. Nice review thank you.

  11. Can I ask a few questions about these products? I’ve been trying to look for a solution to my chronic back pain and have been looking into CBD a lot, but whenever I ask someone out here about it, they either don’t know or call it a joke. I’m pretty desperate here and tired of dealing with the pain.

  12. They indeed are great pens as I picked one up in Vegas but cant get them in Canada!They relax you a bit but most important dont mess up your throat as regular vaping does.

  13. Bought two of these mint is good for mouth freshness, others make you smell bad. They also dont work, you need about 10 massive puffs to feel anything. Mine last 6 days. I wont buy again.

  14. Tried a few of these (mix of the Terpene and originals): Gelato is great, Tropic breeze really good – not a huge fan of the mint personally. Going to try the OG and Plat Terpenes next before getting a larger dose from the Vape Oil 250/500mg + non-disposable pen.

  15. Just went to smoke shop and picked up an og kush, because I'm a flower type of guy. I like it and appreciate your review. Going to get that starter kit because I blow…might smoke the pen up by tonight, lol😭.

  16. Just got one! Currently taking Prozac for anxiety. I have already tried Zoloft and lexapro, both not really having an effect. Hopefully this helps more 😊. Any tips with hitting the pen for anxiety. Like should I do it before a situation or use it if I need it on the middle of one

  17. Hi. I have a terribly bad PTSD from my childhood life which leads me to a very bad depression, anxiety, and other related symptoms. Perscriptions just make all it all worse to the point I was about to jump off a building. I was saved by my girlfriend at that time. Cannabis is the only way out for me eversince I was young. Could these help my symptoms? Would you recommend these products to someone like me? I've never touched one before and I'm not so sure about the absence of THC.

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