CBD will be a business opportunity but needs regulation first, Gottlieb says

The FDA is continuing its investigation over 100 reports of seizures after vaping, adding to the growing concerns over the safety of e-cigarettes and other devices …


  1. CNBC, no conflict of interest warning on Scott Gottlieb?
    Not even a word on the fact he is currently employed by an economical actor in conflict of interest with CBD without harm and nicotine without harm businesses and with historical evidence of lobbying against competitors especially outside of the pharma industry?
    By the way, each time you see a vaper ("they are everywhere") remember all of them are quitting/avoiding smoking, you know, the only seriously harmful thing.

  2. CBD should be classified as a nutritional supplement. All the FDA wants to do is make money off of regulation. They will destroy the possibilities for the product. As for vaping it got me off of cigs after 51 years of smoking. FDA go away, please.

  3. Most companies that are infusing cannabis into beverages are using an emulsifier like Maltodextrin to dissolve the oil in the liquid and are then using nanotechnology to allow the API to cross through the intestine directly into the bloodstream and possibly across the blood-brain barrier. Maltodextrin is higher on the glycemic index than sugar, so it's easy to imagine what effect this could have on diabetics etc. The safety of nanotechnology in food products especially when its delivering active pharmaceutical is not established! Here's one company that's actually completed safety testing and does not use chemical emulsifiers. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lexaria-bioscience-completes-initial-project-101500725.html

  4. regulation to make the price of entry so high regular people cant sell CBD? Gottlieb is a joke and paid by pharma

  5. These are some idiots. He gets paid to write chemical prescriptions. Why would he want you getting something natural. You won't need him anymore.

  6. Shut up doctor been listening to so called medical opinion concerning cannabis since i started in 1966.

  7. Why have some jackass on that doesnt have stats just opinions? Back it up with some stats. How many websites did u test buds from? ….high CDB concentrate is harmful? what study says that? all that is BS. I smoke CDB dabs and its no big deal.

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