CBD Use: What Does the Research Say? with Dr. Rebecca Siegel

The debate rages on over whether doctors should be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. But what does the science say on the matter?


  1. Many People don't realize that Dr. Amen is an authority when it comes to brain health. There are phew psyhiatrists in the all world that could argue/contradict him nowdays in certain aspects of his research. Why? That's very simple; 'cause when you got a huge database of more than 100.000 brain scans made in your private clinic ,every conclusion you reach, every word you spoke is "pure gold" for the medical psychiatric comunity and the percentage of making a misinterpretation having such a HUGE practical experience , is very small.

  2. Is reducing insulin resistance and hyperinsulemia and removing gluten more effective than THC in lowering pain and anxiety???

  3. Thank you… It’s an important topic for parents of teenagers in 2019… there’s so much I want to understand and having factual information is very helpful.

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