CBD treating Psychosis, 420 Protests, Feds Not Paying for Cannabis and more!

So much to discuss. Welcome back to the first Wednesday Night Live Show in a couple weeks! NEW MERCH – I love to …


  1. พูดแบบคนธรรมดาไม่ได้หรือว่ะ

  2. Hey Pigeons, if i wann create my own fem-seeds is it then better to let the plant self-pollinate or let it pollinate a clone from the same plant. Or maybe even a different seed of the same strain? Seeds are expensive, and i was thinking about creating my own.

  3. That's the Holy spirit that has you say my gosh instead of my God. Because if you TRULY didn't believe in God you would have a problem saying my god. Best not to talk about religion on here brother, you will lose subscribers. Religion and politics a no no in public. Just a heads up bro, I TRULY Believe in God, but that's as far as I will go with that. I love ya regardless, and when you were sick I was praying for ya.

  4. Pinner,lol, hate to admit but was in prison a million yrs ago and wee had what they called shot sticks, about half the size of a pinner. 5 bucks a shot stick.

  5. But WHO ARE YOU????who are you,?????? You're fucking pigeon. Don't take that away from yourself bro, you spit a lot of info, good info. NEVER take that away fro yourself, I've learned ALOT from you brother. PEACE AND LOVE BROTHER. AND ABOUT THE OLD TIME MEDS , I HAVE A BOTTLE FROM 1872 THAT SAYS CANNABIS ON SIDE, AND A SMALL PIECE OF CORK STILL ON IT. I'm a glass hunter/collector.

  6. I'm not sure kids need to be protected from exposure to alcohol or weed. Not that they should be allowed or encouraged to use either: growing brains ought not to use mind altering substances, full stop.

    But recreational drug use is a part of adult life (as is using herbal preparations to treat medical conditions). Kids need to see responsible use modeled by adults as they grow up. They need to see both alcohol and cannabis demystified and treated honestly, so that recreational drugs don't become enticing forbidden fruit.

  7. Lets not call it overdoseing, lets call it over doing it. Just gives the government another reason to say YESSS you can overdose. An overdose of heroin can kill you, and over doing it WONT kill you.

  8. Feds no pay for cannabis /cbd, fkn asses, my son has psychosis, he has ptsd , autism, and can take cbd, well the good cbd, and smoke a couple of rips and helps with all . If he smokes alone it causes him psychosis , if he uses and about half hour prior to smoking, the he gets super fantastic results from it. But will the Gov, pay for any of it, HELL FUCKING NO.But they will most deinetly pay for bags full of pills. Duck the Gov, I will always supply my son. He lives with me 24/7 and I SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN HIM . Peace and love bro, just had to chime in.

  9. As long as i can remember since starting every summer and 420 there has been a schwag fest somewhere just stays under wraps and more likey to find other hard drug there

  10. Much love Masta P! Hope you and Fam are doing good! 🙂 Keep it up man!

    Always gonna support ya bro

  11. Hey P. What's up my friend. I missed the live show. Dropping a comment and thumbs up for ya this morning. Listening to you ramble while I wake up. Peace

  12. A Canadian who likes to talk ice hockey, say it ain't so hahaha glad to see you back and healthy Pigeons 👍

  13. Yeah you are right pigi 😄 its interesting that cannabis gets a totally unique treatment but other so called "drugs" are Not a Problem 🤔🤔🤔 i dont f get it!
    I bag for legalisation in Germany and hope that itll come very soon. Much Love from Here 💚🙏

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