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  1. Smokin’ Sadhus: India’s Wandering Stoned Holy Men

    Out of their minds

    In fact “out of their minds” is a good goal to shoot for, as rational thought then gives way to a less earthly purpose. Like tribal North Americans drinking peyote mixtures or Rastafarians lighting up a big spliff, the purpose is a journey to a higher plane.

    While sadhus can be divided into a zillion different sects, most follow either the god Vishnu (the preserver) or Shiva (the destroyer, and thus, the rejuvenator). While many followers of Vishnu manage to find reasons to smoke charrus (hash) for enlightenment, it’s the latter group that really has a ready excuse. Shiva is generally pictured meditating alone in the Himalayas, his eyes half closed from the effects of his hash habit.

    As Dolf Hartsuiker puts it in his authoritative book Sadhus, the Holy Men of India, “Mythologically, charas is intimately connected with Shiva: he smokes it, he is perpetually intoxicated by it, he is The Lord of Charas.” Or as one young sadhu less eloquently put it, “Shiva is a cooool god!”


  2. I’m going to be quite honest. And say that almost instantaneously, I saw your tics decrease after you used that pen..I would highly recommend doing some more research into CBD and experimenting with any form of cannabis that suits your needs.

  3. Melissa! your life, your body, and your well being are not going to get better unless you start eating healthy and exercising! Even a corrupt doctor recommends exercise at least 3 – 5 times a week or more. You know it's true! Don't be lazy! You remember how I transformed my body. Its time to stop putting bandaids on everything. Stop focusing on the limitations and failures of mental illness / Tourette's / medications / hospitals and problems. Get rid of it all. Be strong. Be courageous. Join a gym. Be healthy. Eat healthy and you will have victory.

  4. Just ordered the beginner kit. Thanks for the discount code. I am hoping it will help my anxiety/depression and back pain. I tried the spray from the provincial government website but it didn't seem to do anything for me. I think the fact that I will feel it quicker might help.

  5. I doubt the CBD will help with tics. tics are just something you're going to have to live with. im glad you're using this instead of some of the horrible medications you have taken in the past. im in full support of rainbow pagan's decision to diet and exercise because this is the only way to heal, Melissa. Try your best to stay away from psychiatrists, doctors, hospitals, and anyone in the medical profession: they are the new con artists of the twenty first century

  6. I need to try that. I have crippling depression and anxiety (the reason I haven't uploaded a video in a long time).

  7. Interesting video -> $1 tip
    I wonder if it could help you sleep after using any stimulants like caffeine, piracetam or vitamin B12.

  8. Your always beautiful melissa I hope that helps with your tourettes your tics are like your personality they are both so cute your awesome melissa love you

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