1. Use discount code SmokingLegal at Munchies Boutique!!! They also have a YouTube cooking channel! Check it out!

  2. Im looking to find the best cbd out there that works for me. I am working on one that has a nutty taste its alright. Id like something in like a berry flavor. I appreciate the vids. Keep it up. Like the jingle in the beginning. Mainly the cdb no more anxiety part. Thanks

  3. You been taking CBD for a long time and haven't slept good until you took this product…..sounds like Munchies is paying you good money lol

  4. Taz's Love + Calypso Black Cherry lemonade = Mad delicious!!!
    The cherry pairs with the berry punch and the lemonade with the lemon squeeze!!!
    Plus on the bottle it reads Taste Of The Islands which goes with the Hawaiian Haze.🌴😎
    If you picked up Taz's Love give it a try. πŸ’πŸ‹

  5. Tincture is great when it's potent. I usually would use tincture before bed. In hindsight, does it work for you?

  6. Hey Brother what's your Email I wanna Send you something if you don't mind if you like it you Please Share when i send it I think you would love it lol

  7. Hey Taz, Hope your well bro been watching your videos for abit now since it was on my recommended. The intro is awsome have you suffered from Anxiety yourself before mate? I really want to smoke the CBD flowers but I had a negative experience with THC felt like I had 20 pints of beer lol. Can you tell me does it work and what would you recommend again love the videos keep up the awsome work man.

  8. What it do tennis shoe! You're videos are always too good. Keep killing it TazπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  9. Looks like a cool company..but be careful with that oil.I looked up is cbd bad for you on the tube an liver damage popped up.

  10. Aye bro love your video's ive been a subscriber for a couple of months and i would recommend for you 2 try bluumlab dispoable pods they are great. Keep up the good work!

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