So, I have suffered from anxiety and on and off depression in the past several years of my life, however it significantly got worse in Japan mostly due to the …


  1. I am Japanese, and Japan has become a diseased country that has been invaded by the United States. I'm sorry if you are having a hard time with foreigners living in Japan, the illegalization of cannabis is also by the United States

  2. alright thumbs up, buying right now! I got the same kind of anxiety, caucasian in Japan is like "sh!t everybody is sizing me up, what do I do"

  3. Thanks for making this video, I'm going to Tokyo in a week and I have GAD. I usually use Select CBD oil and realized it'd be too risky to bring it into customs. I was skeptical of HealthyTokyo's products but this shows me I can trust them! Thank you!

  4. I live in Japan and I m visiting relatives in Europe and I just found out it's legal here and was wondering if I can buy some and bring it back to Japan. I m so happy to hear I can.Also, prices are the same everywhere, about 100 quid !

  5. The anxiety from being different in Japan is real. 22 years of it. I tried a couple of brands in Japan, too. Of the 3, Exinol ranked #2 for me. But found the effects were short term and it didn't have efficacy after 5 days. The #1 for me is "Prime My Body CBD Oil". I've been taking this for anxiety in Japan for 4 months with lasting results. The reduction of anxiety is immediate and lasts through the entire day out. It feels odd to post this, but it really helps me. If you'd like, you can check it out here. http://www.soness.primemybody.com
    My husband is a physiotherapist in Tokyo and his clients love it, too. Hope it helps you! And thank you for sharing honestly about the difficulties!

  6. Thanks for that – I too live in Osaka area and have family history of anxiety and depression issues so was looking to try CBD oil . I am happy to have found this video and glad to see that it is helping you – I'll order as well tonight 🙂 see you in Osaka some day (smiling)

  7. Thanks for the informative video! You had this delivered from Tokyo to Osaka right? Did you have any trouble with the mail/law or anything? xD even though it’s legal here I’m nervous to order anything of this nature in Japan haha

  8. I really feel the same in japan lol I want to know how it goes now I’m in Nagoya lol and I always think the sane things I’m like a frozen statue of worry and I want to change it I literally cry at home about it

  9. I live in japan too and I was wondering about taking CBD oil back into japan. I guess it’s ok right? Haha

  10. So, now it is September first here in Japan. How's it going? Still using it? Does it work? I've been here for 30 years…I understand the "Ups and Downs" of living here. Hope you're feeling better.

  11. I am so happy I found your channel. I'm from NZ and am looking to apply for JET for 2019, there's a presentation at my uni (Otago) this Friday and am so excited! Have been getting heaps of useful tips from your other videos, but this just really struck a chord. I've had anxiety and depression since I was around 13, which has only gotten worse with the pressures of university. How you describe your anxiety so accurately depicts my own that I am kind of blown away. I have never been on any medication for it because I am extremely wary of the side effects they may have, but seeing the amazing effects you have had from something natural makes me so hopeful that one day I will feel 'normal' too! <3

  12. Ahh! I didnt think this was legal! I suffer from bad anxiety too and havnt been able to try this (it's still controversial in my state) but my husband is in the Jet Programme and I'll be flying in a few weeks!

  13. Please do another video with an update. Was it worth the price? I want to buy it but it’s so expensive here in Japan!

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