CBD Oil – Full Spectrum, Isolate, Distillate, Broad Spectrum

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  1. Catherine: I'm new to this whole thing! I myself am a cancer survivor. But the chemotherapy has destroyed my nervous system. Much of my symptoms are similar to MS. I have bad headaches, stomach problems, Anxiety, and burning hands, arms, and feet. along with extream joint pain! The doctor says they can do no more and that I should be happy I'm alive, learn to live with it. My dad, on the other hand, is suffering from heart, and kidney issues, along with the shakes and extream anxiety. He is currently on dialysis and I think their drugs that they give him have little effect and no hope on his overall being! He Is wiped out all the time due to the dialysis and facing death. We are both veterans and deal with the veterans hospital. Can you direct us in the right direction to feel more comfortable without the high effect? I realize that CBD will not cure us! I myself am self-employed and have to work. Benefits for me or my dad are nonexistent! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture Please help! I can always send you an email if that is better. Thank you!~ Brett

  2. I purchased a well known brand of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil hoping to benefit from the
    Terpenes and Flavonoids without the THC. 
    Anything I’ve seen and read describes Broad Spectrum as “the same as
    Full spectrum but without the THC” Full spectrum has the Terpenes in it.  After I purchased my Broad Spectrum Product I went to their website and looked up the 3rd party lab report by my
    batch number, the report stated there were no detectable Terpenes. 

    I called the Lab who did this report….they said that broad spectrum CBD Oil does not
    necessarily have to have Terpenes.

    Any input appreciated

  3. Yes, however, remember, the method of consumption comes into play. When boiled off or vaporized, CBD CAN turn into THC-V, while literally have the opposite effect of THC, it still technically THC metabolite. This is specifically why Full Spectrum blends show up on a drug test, which is where term broad spectrum was introduced and s little bit more refined which still maintaining all the medicinal effects.

  4. Just wondering, if there are so many cannabinoid, why has CBD become the most popular and heard of?

  5. Is there a video that talks about what is in the Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum ?
    Maybe any lab analysis info ?

  6. Thank you very much for this.

    With people being concerned with failing DRUG TESTS, this kind of information is extremely helpful.

  7. Sooo what the heck is a hemp plant…. because I thought it was a fiber in a Cannabis plant and the cbd and thc and high or low depending on the strain and a product of cross breeding

  8. I have a question here, and its regarding Mental illness, and which cbd product works best for for people treating mental illness? 

    Ive heard that Cbd can help to treat people with schizophrenia for example, theres been loads of studies done for example….. but what i want to know, is , for people with schitzophrenia for example, can they take the full spectrum with the tiny bit of Thc? 

     or is is dangerous for people who are vulnerable to psychosis and paranoia to have any Thc what so ever in they’re system?

    so my question is, could that tiny amount of Thc trigger anxiety and or psychosis in vulnerable people like with schitzophrenia for example…… or, because its not enough Thc to get you high…. is it only when your “high" that its possible for psychosis to be triggered ? because the high is mind altering….or does the Thc just trigger some chemicals in the brain of vulnerable people that tip them over the edge?…… …. or is it possible for the tiny amount of Thc to build up in your body over time and trigger psychosis and/or paranoia…….. or no because your not getting “high”……

    Im basically very confused at the moment if i should take Cbd isolate or Cbd full spectrum to treat my anxiety, im very sensitive and im scared that the Thc, even thought its very low, could trigger my anxiety or even make it worse! because in the past when i smoked weed, it triggered my anxiety really bad, and after smoking weed my anxiety was usually triggered … and for i know, could have been the main “trigger” for my anxiety to beginn with….. 

    So what i want to know is, Is Cbd Isolate on the market for people with psychosis? or is it for something else?…….can people vulnerable to psychosis actually benefit from the Thc?

  9. Great video! New fan here! What should the pricing difference between Full and Broad spectrum be? I would imagine that 'broad' would be more expensive than 'full' because they'd have to extract (how the…) only THC from the oil. I only ask because I spent $74 on a 1000mg BROAD before I found your channel. Having THC or not does not effect my job security, so I'm just going to the biggest bang for buck. Actually, being a newbie to CBD, is there any sort of pricing standard of any kind based on CBD and variants?

  10. Lung cancer survivor looking for a maintenance dose of Full spectrum CBD. I live in Canada and wonder the process of how to make liquid drops

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