CBD Oil for Pain! How it helped me and can help you too!

CBD oil helps replenish the cannabinoids our bodies need to function properly! It’s the master key to unlock the Endocannabinoid system which in turns helps all …


  1. I do live with chronic pain and my husband purchased the squares for me through someone he works with. I was super skeptical but as someone who lives with pain, I will try anything to see if it works.
    I never get my hopes up anymore, after 8 years, you get tired of being let down but it actually took me a few days to realize that it helped!

    I decided mornings would be the best time for me to change them, so I put one on the next morning.
    I had ended up forgetting to put one on the second day but hadn’t realized it until the third day.
    The morning of the third day. I realized I had forgotten because the pain had come back and for a minute I was trying to figure out what I did to cause it. Did I over do it the previous day? Am I having a flare up? (I have an autoimmune disease). But I soon realized, I had forgotten to put on a new square!!
    I changed it, and within hours, I was feeling better. 🙏

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