CBD Oil for Migraines – How CBD Helps Treat Headaches – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

HOW DOES CBD HELP TREAT MIGRAINES? Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, plant medicine advocate, explains how those suffering from migraine headaches can find …


  1. In this video, Dr. Lynn Marie Morski sheds light on CBD's effect on our brain's nerves and pain sensors, and guidance on dosing for relief of migraines. How do you use CBD to prevent and treat headaches? Share your personal experiences in the comments below. Visit us at https://www.octagonbiolabs.com

  2. Cbd has been pretty helpful along the way of figuring out my migraine issues. I have menstrual related, so one before my menstrual cycle and one after. When I feel a migraine setting in I take upwards of 200mg of CBD with a decent amount of the other cannabinoids along side it for a full entourage effect. I take RSO or FECO oil since it's highly concentrated and less expensive than most edible or tincture options. It's been helping significantly with my sense of well being and to know that something more natural is there to help me.

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