1. Oh My God – Don't EVER take Benzodiazepines for more than a one-time emergency situation! DON'T EVER TAKE KLONOPIN!

  2. It’s NOT for everyone…..Taking CBD oil gave me anxiety and the worst brain fog I’ve ever had and I took a very small dosage. Nothing works for everyone….because it’s so new and fabulous I must say it’s a bit like old “snake oil”. Be careful, start off with low dosage…..test it out. My brother said the same thing happened to him.

  3. I can confirm it helps mit a lot with general anxiety, especially with social anxiety and social interactions. Nothing from the doctor helped me like that, like Cbd does. Really sad it's not a medication yet, I have to pay for it on my own :/

  4. I've tried STRONG CBD and it's don't absolutely fucking nothing. If you have SEVERE panic disorder it doesn't help. If you're a bit anxious yeah probably

  5. It is incredible for extreme work related stress.. Like it switches off the stress/anxiety response, reduced underarm sweating etc. Much safer than Benzodiazepines

  6. Hi. Do you have any experience with CBD oil and Restless Legs? I have huge issues sleeping at night. I have tried CBD oil droppers and vaping oil 1 hour before sleep. Still, with this in my system, I have big problems sleeping. I stopped using Sifrol after it basically ruined my life, so I'd rather take the insomnia than to eat pills. I can feel the CBD takes of the tension and stress around me beeing worried about going to bed, due to lack of sleep. Though the RL part, doesnt go away. Any suggestions (minerals, no caffiene normal tips I already know about, doesnt work). Thanks for a nice video.

  7. The best most reliable cure for depression and anxiety is to practice mature and respectable behavior.
    Much better than drugs.

  8. First off being depended on benzos is not bad if it helps..secondly not everyone becomes dependent so psychiatrist who don't subscribe are idiots and cruel.

  9. Hi Douglas. I am very interested in alternative medicines. For the past 4 years, I have been on SSRIs and Benzos to combat my MDD and chronic anxiety. These drugs keep me alive and somewhat stable, but there's the occasional existential terror and / or fits of anger that come and go. In your opinion, would CBD oil be a better and healthier alternative to benzodiazepines? I take one a day along with my antidepressant which I take twice a day. But my fatigue factor is off the charts. I could be operating machinery and start to nod off during the process. Also, I have an endless desire to sleep all the time. I have dissociation whenever my anxiety reaches high levels, and have a real hard time dealing with sunny days. I live in Illinois and we do have legalized medical marijuana use, if one has a medical card for its use. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Thank you again Douglas. I have been taking CBD oil in the evening instead of my usual 1/4 Xanax pill and have found it to be effective in helping me sleep. I am now curious about using a CBD salve for diminishing inflammation.

  11. anyone know what's the best place to buy in the UK what's got a good reputation and not the low crap they sell in the shops.

  12. Damn what cbd is your brother taking??green roads didn’t do anything at all but make me worry about failing a drug test

  13. The thing is with cbd oil is ..it definitely works but there's so many dodgy sites selling inferior cbd. It spoils it for the good cbd stuff .but yeah definitely works for me I have bad anxiety and panick attacks .

  14. In my opinion, if you just really wanna clear your depression up, like you really need it gone, do shrooms once.

  15. I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

  16. Douglas and anyone else suffering from anxiety or depression or mood swings and trouble sleeping please look up the book Low blood sugar and you by Carlton Frederick’s it will change your life and those around you it did with me.

  17. In the past, I took a dropper full of cbd (=8mg) and it makes me more anxious for some reason. Heart also goes up to 90 bpm. I thought it would help anxiety

  18. I've only heard about this. It might be late for me though as been on valium for over ten year's for anxiety. Take it on a night every 3 weeks so can't see this working. Never heard my doctor's speak of this neither..UK here

  19. September 2018 farm bill allows hemp based cbd oil in all 50 states just one month after this video was posted:)

  20. Correction big pharma pays the doctors to be skeptical. Cannabis made illegal since 1937 not because of safety issues but to protect big pharma and allow them to monopolize! And make all of the synthetic unnatural patented, side effect laden often deadly drug therapies for $ billions in enrichment to themselves politicians bankers and the irs

  21. Could you tell us which brand of Cbd oil your friend gave you? The strawberry flavor one. Thanks so much.

  22. This sounds like a “miracle cure”. Maybe it’ll work at first then the body gets used to it and the effect is lessened….?

  23. I have PMDD (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder) and I take contraceptives to limit how often I menstruate. Every time menstruation month comes around, I feel like I'm literally going insane and that I need to go to a hospital. I never do because these moments are over small things and only last a few minutes. However, they are frequent, disrupting, and embarrassing. Think of those memes about PMSing, needing chocolate, crying over dropping a hair pin, being rude for no reason, etc, except it happens wayyy more often and over a longer period of time. I take medication for general anxiety but that mixed with symptoms of PMDD for one month is overwhelming. CBD is giving me immediate help with what I call my "tantrums" and is even preventative of them. I feel level headed, rational, and back to being on top of things. When an anxious thought comes in my head, I have the ability to simply think, "I don't have time for that," and it goes away, rather than fixating on it and getting more upset.

  24. I could smoke weed if I want to but to be honest I don’t like the smell, the feeling I get from it so I don’t . How can you get cbd at a reasonable price?

  25. I need cbd oil never had it but that stuff is expensive thanks to government control the small bottle here is over a 100$

  26. I’m a recovering drug addict and have struggled a lot from anxiety ( that’s why my frug of choice was Xanax). Cbd has saved my life. I wake up relaxed and happier.

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