1. Which e cbd has highest concentration with no additives or pesticides and which is the best vape pen for my bucks and bank

  2. Great information Catherine
    I'm paraplegic and have a lot of spasms, my friend recommended CBD oil but I don't really know which formula is fit my situation (i.e., vape or drop)
    may you please give me some advice

  3. Im sorta new to CBD. How can you tell if its a liquid or oil? How thick is the oil? My friend bought cbd oil(on the bottle) and she vapes it. Its a little thick, I guess, but it vapes fine. I used hers in my pen also and its also fine. Other than getting clogged, is it okay to vape oils or is it dangerous? Thanks

  4. So glad to have found your very informative videos! I'm just getting started with CBD oils to hopefully help with migraine headaches. I love that you are also into foods that heal. Yup…you're my girl that I am now following to learn how to help and heal myself โค

  5. hi catherine thank you so much for all the useful info. i recently purchased the vape shot. my family and i are traveling to the dominican next week and was curious if you knew if this would be a potential problem to pack and bring along the cbd vape on the flight etc

  6. Hi Catherine I would like to know the best strength for high functioning autism. Can I use the tasty drops or something stronger?

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