1. All u people using CBD oil are being misled. You better do some serious research on your own before using this. My best Friend works for the FDA and the reason they wont approve it is because it causes stomach issues and heart palpitations, so use at your own risk.

  2. I refuse to purchase locally grown and processed hemp based CBD here in Kentucky because State Law says I’m not allowed to home grow without paying $5,000.00 worth of licensing and fees with tight regulation with inspection If I were to grow it anyway I would be arrested and charged just like I was growing marijuana
    Im sorry but that is beyond retarded!
    I will wait until the State Law changes to allow home growing and grow my own until then I buy my CBD hemp flower from the local smoke shop and online from Tweedle Farms in Oregon.

  3. It's legal now in Indiana. I bought a bottle of cbd oil 750mg for 70 bucks at a smoke shop.

  4. Yes and it's already getting taxed by this gov.before it gets2 our places and why we pay 50.00+an ounce. That's ONEshot glass it really sucks with M.S for 23 years +it took away so many of the M.S.problems U wouldn't imagine so it's get use to all the pains and problems again

  5. I been on CBD OIL from a company called Palmetto Harmony. What I would like to know is does this stuff really work?? So far I have been getting back pain and feel lethargic sometimes but my diet is terrible so any info would be appreciated

  6. Legalize recreational and medical marijiana in Indiana and Kentucky!!
    – both excellent places to grow!!

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