CBD IS THE FUTURE | Review of Quicksilver Hemp CBD Oil

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  1. Love your realness! The nano drops are awesome, that’s what the world needs. I wanna try these!!!

  2. Hey guys…it seems like everybody here is fascinated by CBD and you should be…it’s amazing. I am TREEZ and want to pass along an amazing #BOGO for Pure Clear Hemp’s BANANA Tincture. Tastes awesome & really works. The offer is on the CBDipedia.com homepage….just scroll a bit. Every strength tincture is part of the #BOGO.

  3. Hey, thanks for the video Anna ! very good info! I take CBD for my back pain and my gf for her depression and it helps a lot. Most important is, of course, the quality of the oil.
    I would love to try drvitaminsolutions but it is expensive for me… I order my CBD on plantandhemp.com , they deliver worldwide, cheap and good quality. Hope you will review their product one day 🙂
    Thanks a lot <3

  4. Hey I just had a question and I don’t know if you read this but I wanted to try. So I know you worked in a psych hospital in the psychotic disorders unit. I have BPD, and occasionally I have psychotic symptoms (mild hallucinations, disorganized thinking and speech, flat affect, dissociation) so I was wondering if those symptoms were common enough among people with BPD that they didn’t require a separate diagnosis. I also wanted to know if manic episodes are limited exclusively to bipolar and schizoaffective disorder, or if it was possible to have them with other things. Because I’ve had feelings and symptoms of mania from borderline and they’re pretty intense episodes, but they typically last less than a day (not long enough to be bipolar). So is that mania or is it something else? Or is it just a mood and I’m making a big deal out of it?

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  6. Why the f is it called quicksilver? That's another word for Mercury so it weirded me out a little.

  7. i’m considering trying cbd. i have anxiety/depression/bpd/ednos/insomnia and not much has worked, is cbd safe to take if you also smoke thc/marijuana?

  8. I was actually just zoned out and then I heard out of everything the words “stoney bologna” and I was automatically brought back to reality 😂

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