CBD Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair Loss & Hair Care – 6 Month Review

In this video, I continue to track my progress using Organic CBD Hemp Oil and discovering the Benefits for my Hair Loss & my Hair Care Routine. I currenly use …


  1. Hi buddy can you send me the link I Wana get the same one you used ..I see many of them I don't know what to get

  2. I recently made a video on How to Thicken Hair Naturally for Men & Women – 9 Month Review using Cannabis Oil for Hair Growth, while a bit slow, my hair continues to come in thicker and fuller. If you get proactive and if the hair follicle and root are still alive, Hemp Seed CBD Cannabis Oil can help to STOP hair loss and help your hair grow thicker and fuller, check it out: https://youtu.be/nZ3XzehYLnY

  3. Have you tried derma roller while using the hemp oil simultaneously? Would you try it if you haven't already ?

  4. have you tried near infrared light to help with hair growth. might be something to do in combination with hemp oil .

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