cbd hemp flower Monthly Subscription box from ( Boston Hempire) review

This is my box opening for the monthly subscription box from Boston hempire. S/O to Nate White from Atl West Facility Maintenance check em out at …


  1. Like this video u make me laugh and you taz is wat keeps my day going motivation, thanxs for everything u do to brother man, peace.

  2. Yo videos just put me ina good mood man.. I stop this video within tha firs 30 seconds cos I like to smoke sum hemp & watch yo shit.. lol wen I reup I’ll be back😊

  3. Man it would be awesome to see you get some dab wax and a bottle of lil yellow bus honey liquidizer and do a review on it. It's supposed to be the best stuff.

  4. Any idea why the cannabigars video got removed for "violating the community guidelines"??

    I think YouTube is probably just being trash again

  5. Imagine if this channel evolved in to THC flower strain reviews and Taz visiting dispensaries strain growers and shit like dat

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